6 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (July 18)

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Will Hilary get any help as her health continues to decline? Will Jack find out the truth about Phyllis and Billy? Will Victor spring out of jail? Learn more about these topics and more in our spoilers for The Young and the Restless (Y&R) this week.

6. Hilary’s Health Declines

As Hilary’s health worsens, her feelings towards Devon seem to grow stronger. She struggles with her condition and the only one who can help (Dr. Neville), can no longer treat her. As such, she sees Dr. Barton Shelby. After her meeting with the new doctor, she makes a shocking move and tries to remove someone from her life.

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5. Victor Makes A New Enemy

After Adam is given a 30-year sentence, a distraught Chelsea pays her father-in-law a hospital visit. She threatens him with a scalpel and while it seems Paul Williams may have caught this daring move, it ends up going unnoticed by the Police Chief. In an ironic twist, Adam and Victor land in the same prison. They share a face-off and the aftermath is not a good one. Adam lets Victor know he’s made a terrible enemy in Chelsea and tells him not to underestimate her. In somewhat related spoilers, Dylan, Natalie, and Kevin work hard to find proof that will help Adam’s circumstance. Victor launches his scheme to get out of jail by meeting Judge Gates, Meredith Gates’ dad, on Friday. He works hard to put this in full motion before his plans with Chloe are revealed.

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4. Phyllis Gets Caught

Jack finds out that Phyllis did not go to Canada, as he had thought. Initially he thinks it’s all a misunderstanding until a Jabot jet pilot confirms it. Jack turns to Ashley and she jokes around that Phyllis is cheating on him. Jack wonders if there is truth to that and Ashley informs him to keep his suspicions under wraps.

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3. Jill Concocts A Plan

Jill snags Brash and Sassy from Billy in hopes the plan will reunite him and Vicky. She then gives it to Cane to run. Drunk with power, Cane gets carried away – and it lands him in a heated one-on-one with Billy.

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2. Vicky and Summer Team Up

Aunt and niece launch a plan to bring Luca down. Summer believes that her so-called boyfriend has been playing her this entire time. Luca is angered when he learns about Summer’s scheme, but she remains callous about the entire situation. Victoria receives some surprising news this week as something unfolds at Newman.

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1. More Spoilers!

Mariah refuses to continue hiding secrets for Sharon. Meanwhile Nikki approaches Paul for a big favor and the two share an honest discussion.

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