Notorious Young And The Restless Betrayals

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Violating a confidence or trust within a relationship will always create sensational drama. Residents in Genoa City have therefore had their fair share of betrayals over the years. From alienating a family member, having an affair, or a simple con and manipulation, The Young and the Restless (Y&R) has kept audiences tuned in daily just to see the betrayals. What are the best of the best? Below are notorious Y&R betrayals!

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7. Billy And Phyllis Hook Up

Billy and Phyllis were hard at work plotting Victor’s downfall, after the whole Marco Annicelli fiasco, when they formed a bond. Most fans could see an affair between these two coming from a mile away. While Billy and Phyllis were a passionate couple, hooking up was wrong on so many different levels; the obvious one being that Phyllis is Jack’s wife and Jack also happens to be Billy’s older half-brother. What’s worse is that it wasn’t a one-time deal and Billy continued to try and sway Phyllis to leave Jack for his own selfish pleasures.

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6. Adam’s Baby Swap Con

There could be an entire list solely dedicated to Adam Newman, when it comes to his scheming betrayals. He’s done a lot of terrible things in the past. One betrayal highlight was the infamous baby swap in 2009. Not only did Adam play crazy mind games on one of the few friends he had in Genoa City at that time, Ashley, he also pushed her over the edge mentally and caused her to lose her baby. But he didn’t stop there. Despite the fact that Ashley had just suffered a major loss, he continued conning her into believing that she was still expecting. He then swapped another baby (from budding friend at that time, Sharon). The pain and emotional torture he put both women through was terrible and all in the name of simply getting back at Victor. It caused him to earn the reputation he has today.

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5. Adam Withholds Evidence

Adam strikes again! Despite stealing and swapping baby Faith, Sharon forgave Adam for everything he had done. The two ended up falling in love and shared a roller coaster romance. Sharon had fallen into some trouble with the law and, in an effort to clear Adam’s name, she took the blame for Skye Lockhart’s passing. She and Adam fought hard to clear her name, and after she faked her own demise — thinking that it would be better for everyone involved — she left Genoa City for good and assumed a new name and life. During that time, she also fell in love. However, the truth surfaced and Sharon returned to town. Adam had found a microchip that could clear her of all charges; however, what did he end up doing? Instead of going to the police to release Sharon, he burnt the chip in a fire.

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4. Devon Goes After His Dad’s Wife

Affairs happen every day in the world of soaps, but nothing hurts as much as a family member sleeping with one’s spouse. Devon Hamilton took this concept to an entirely different level, when he decided to go after his adopted father’s wife, Hilary. Not only had Neil given Devon a home, a family life, and love, but Neil was also going through a difficult time with an accident causing him to go blind. Neil needed his family around him and Devon ended up stabbing him in the back. This isn’t the first time Devon had a thing for Neil’s women. He also had an affair in 2008 with his then-girlfriend, Tyra Hamilton. Mind you, Neil ruined Devon and Hilary’s honeymoon by kidnapping the bride, so this family may be ‘even-steven’ when it comes to betrayals.

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3. Nick’s Affair With Phyllis

As already stated, affairs are nothing new in daytime drama. So why does Nick’s affair with Phyllis back in early 2006 land here? After all, Sharon and Phyllis aren’t sisters or even friends for that matter. Well, the timing of this betrayal is everything. After losing their daughter Cassie in the summer of 2005, Sharon desperately needed the support of Nick to help get them through this tragic event. Nick checked out mentally and turned to Phyllis for the support he needed. The affair not only betrayed the couple’s marriage vows, but also the bond they had developed over the years.

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2. The Newman Kids Versus The Moustache

In 2010, the Newman children decided to take a stand when it came to their controlling and powerful father, Victor Newman. Abby started the movement when Victor refused to release her inheritance to fund her Naked Heiress reality show. She launched a lawsuit against him, and Nick and Vicky followed suit. Victor tried hard to bargain with them, but when Victoria demanded the Beauty of Nature cosmetics line and Victor refused, it was game on. In the end, the kids jeopardized the financial stability of Newman Enterprises, a company that Victor worked hard to build from the ground up (one that helped them live in the lap of luxury) all to prove a point. Victor ended up dishing out $500 million dollars to all three Newman kids in the end.

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1. Victoria Gets Arrested On Her Wedding Day

Well now, let’s not be too hard on the Newman kids. What may have launched Victoria in that lawsuit frenzy was the fact that Victor was giving her a hard time about her love interest at the time (and the father of two of her children) Billy Abbott. Trying to keep them apart, back in 2010, Victor arranged for his own daughter to be arrested on her wedding day. What should have been the best day of her life turned out to be the worst. Needless to say, the move not only put a bad taste in Billy and Vicky’s mouths, it failed to keep the lovebirds apart and actually made them stronger as a couple. Perhaps a better way for Victor to show his disapproval wouldn’t have been to simply not attend and skip on the wedding gift.

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