13 Popular Reality Stars Who Competed On Dancing With The Stars Ranked

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Dancing With the Stars has often been criticized for casting stars who aren’t actually stars. Despite this, reality TV has become one of the biggest genres on television right now, and reality stars are always looking for ways to extend their fame which makes Dancing With the Stars an easy choice for them. Over more than 20 seasons, countless reality stars have appeared on the popular competition series, but only a few stood out for one reason or another. “Famous for being famous,” here are 12 of the most popular reality stars who competed on Dancing With the Stars ranked from worst to best:

13. Kim Kardashian

At this point, many forget that Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian ever competed on Dancing With the Stars. In 2008 she competed on season seven of the series, but she didn’t exactly make a good impression. Kardashian was partnered with Mark Ballas, and despite high expectations for the pair, they were eliminated in only week two as the third pair to exit the season behind Jeffrey Ross and Ted McGinley in week one. It was a particularly rough elimination for Ballas who has just come off a huge Mirrorball Trophy win with Kristi Yamaguchi in season six.

Kelsey McNeal / © ABC / Courtesy Everett Collection


12. Kate Gosselin

In March of 2010, TLC’s Kate Plus Eight star Kate Gosselin left her eight kids at home for her solo trip on reality TV with her participation in season 10 of Dancing With the Stars. The pair only made it to eighth place out of 11, and the fact they made it even that far was astonishing. Through her reality series, many knew Gosselin never appeared to be someone who was easy to talk to or criticize and that proved true for her pro partner Tony Dovolani. Instead of putting her effort into mastering the moves, Gosselin became known for her bad attitude and Dovolani threatened to quit rather than work with her. Whatever kept her there, it most definitely wasn’t her dancing abilities that carried Kate Gosselin into week four of the season before being eliminated.

Adam Larkey / ©ABC / Courtesy Everett Collection