12 Celebrities Who Are Super Hot With Beards

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If you were given five seconds to name three men you know personally who have beards, we’d bet a good chunk of money that you could do it. We’ll give you a hand. Does your co-worker have a beard? Your S.O.? Your brother or dad? How about your mail carrier or the barista at your local Starbucks? They ALL have beards, don’t they? That’s because, while the current revival and undeniable popularity of beards may have at first seemed like a temporary hipster focused trend that would eventually die out as millennials got older, at this point it’s pretty safe to say that the stylish whiskers adorning so many fellas faces aren’t likely to disappear any time soon. While those who love a smooth faced man might be slightly disappointed by a little additional facial hair on their favorite actors and musicians, those who are attracted to a man with a mighty stubble will definitely want to check out this list of 12 celebrities who are super hot with beards!

12. Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan’s unforgettable starring role in 50 Shades of Grey (and his performance in its sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, which was arguably even hotter) will always have plenty of people seeing the actor as a body-tingling sex symbol no matter how he chooses to style himself. But when the clean shaven Christian Grey (or, rather, the lovable Irish dude who plays our favorite dominating boss-like man) lets his beard grow out…my, oh my! Whether it’s a slight stubble or a full-on beard worthy of any wilderness loving lumberjack, facial hair transforms this fella from a sophisticated businessman-like figure into a totally rugged version of himself. And we definitely like it! Now, we just have to prepare ourselves for his return as Mr. Grey in 2018’s Fifty Shades Freed.

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11. Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello is absolutely sizzling and downright smoking hot no matter what he does − his role in Magic Mike XXL is more than enough proof of that fact (could you even handle the epic amazing gas station strip scene?!) − but when he opts to grow a beard, the man sets …things …on …FIRE! Choosing to skip the Just for Men touch up, Sofía Vergara’s lucky hubby sports particularly sexy salt & pepper facial hair that mixes his naturally dark mane with patches of sophisticated silver throughout. Another man who rotates between a slight stubble and a fuller beard, either way Joe goes is 100 percent fine by us. Appearing next as Slade Wilson, AKA Deathstroke, in the upcoming Batman movie, may we suggest a beard for this surely striking character? Let’s make this happen!