10 Totally Ridiculous Twitter Feuds

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Okay, is it just us or are Twitter feuds involving celebrities one of the most interesting things that happen in this new social media and pop culture obsessed world that we’re living in? It can be such a strange and remarkably engaging thing to watch and take notice of because, in some weird way, it allows you to feel like you have a front row pass and are privy to these intense little exchanges that go on.

10. Bette Midler vs. Ariana Grande

Talk about two names you never thought you’d hear uttered in the same sentence. In late 2014, Bette Midler and Ariana Grande took to Twitter to let out some awkward thoughts about fame, modesty and feminism (regarding one another, obviously). It started when Midler casted the first stone, telling Grande, “you don’t have to make a whore out of yourself to get ahead.” The-22-year old pop star flung it right back at her and commented on how Midler had always been one to stand up for “women being able to do whatever the F (sic) they wanted without judgment.”

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9. Iggy Azalea vs. Snoop Dogg

I’m sorry, but wouldn’t you agree that Snoop Dogg is one of the last people who should be commenting on other people’s physical appearances? In October of 2014, Snoop took to Instagram to post an unflattering photo of a random person, labeling it as “”Iggy Azalea – No makeup.” Rightfully so, Azalea laid into him on Twitter, stating that he was “being an ass for no reason.” Seriously though, Iggy – you have nothing to worry about!

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8. Kim Kardashian vs. Adrienne Bailon

No one can say that the Kardashian clan isn’t a close and prideful squad that doesn’t stick up for one another! Back in July of 2014, Adrienne Bailon who dated Rob Kardashian from 2007 to 2009 sat down for an interview with Latina magazine in which she talked about his cheating ways and how being connected to that family has changed the route of her career. Kim then took to the Twitterverse to ironically comment on how she thought it was “funny how she says being with a Kardashian hurt her career” yet the only reason for said article was the fact that she dated a Kardashian.

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7. Lorde vs. Diplo

Don’t you just love friends who stick up for one another (in a very public forum, no less)? Such was the case when popular DJ and music producer Diplo wanted to start a campaign to help get superstar Taylor Swift “a booty.” From there, Swift’s gal pal New Zealand singer Lorde took to Twitter to ask him if there was anything to be done with his “tiny penis” in the mean time. Diplo later went on to say that bashing Swift so publicly was absolutely a bad idea for his career as she has “50 million people who [would] die for her.” That list includes Lorde, apparently.

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6. Miley Cyrus vs. Katy Perry

For this next one, let’s just say that sometimes you simply can’t just kiss and make up (or kiss and just get along). For Cyrus and Perry, it was actually a kiss that the two shared publicly while Cyrus was on her Bangerz tour in early 2014 that started this whole Twitter feud. After the fact, Perry went on to say how it wasn’t what she went in for at all and “God knows where that tongue has been.” Miley didn’t take too kindly to that accusation and tweeted at Katy: “Girl if ur worried abt where tongues have been good thing ur ex boo is ur EX BOO cause we ALL know where THAT [tongue emoji] been.” Burn!

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5. One Direction vs. The Wanted

Did you know that entire boy bands have been known to get into full blown Twitter wars with one another? Such was the case for Brit bands One Direction and The Wanted when Tom Parker from The Wanted took to his Twitter to ask 1D’er Louis Tomlinson if they’d been talking about them at their own “gigs” and if he was “that upset” that he didn’t get into the band. Tomlinson then replied that he “wouldn’t waste [his] time auditioning for” that band anyway. This was one Twitter feud that went on for a while and also involved the other guys in the  band getting their own digs in as well.

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4. Jimmy Kimmel vs. Kanye West

I’m sorry, but Kanye West makes it far too easy for others to put him as the butt of their jokes most of the time. Back in fall of 2013, everyone’s favorite late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel took to his talk show to make light of a recent interview West did in which he called himself a “rockstar” and spoofed the interview using a couple of child actors. West then took to his Twitter to declare that Kimmel was “out of line” to spoof “the first piece of honest media in years.” It went on to the point where Kimmel tweeted that he wasn’t even sure if this was some kind of joke being played on him or not. Sorry Jimmy. Sadly enough, it wasn’t.

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3. Amanda Bynes vs. Almost Everyone in Hollywood

So, there was a period of time in middle of 2013 when Amanda Bynes was literally hating on almost every celebrity on Twitter. Her weapon of choice? Oddly enough, commenting on everyone’s physical appearance and calling them ugly. One minute it seemed like she wanted to hop into bed with Drake, the next she was calling him “ugly.” Courtney Love commented with hopes that Amanda would soon “pull it together” to which Bynes replied that Love was the “ugliest woman” she’d ever seen. She even took to insulting President Obama and The First Lady! It seems nobody, not even the political leader of our country, was safe during that time.

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2. Taylor Swift vs. Nicki Minaj

The world just doesn’t feel right when T Swift is fighting with someone. This Twitter feud just goes to show us that sometimes these things start from a simple misunderstanding. When Swift took to her Twitter to celebrate the music video for her song “Bad Blood” (featuring a slew of her gorgeous model and actor friends) being nominated for a VMA, Swift took a tweet coming from Nicki Minaj as a swing at her when Minaj commented on how “if your video celebrates slim bodies” then you will be nominated. Things went back and forth a bit as a confused Swift then tweeted back that she had done “nothing but love” and support Minaj. Nicki then cleared everything up when she stated that her tweet wasn’t even directed at Swift as she “loves her” just as much. Whew!

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1. Zayn Malik vs. Calvin Harris

Apparently when you’re dating DJ extraordinaire Calvin Harris, he will go to great lengths to defend your honor! Such was the case when former One Direction member Zayn Malik somehow got into the thick of things and Calvin Harris took to defending girlfriend’s Taylor Swift’s stance on pulling her music from Spotify and urging Apple to pay musicians. Things got a bit heated when Harris tweeted that Swift’s comments on the music industry will only help others when a “successful artist uses their celebrity to benefit” others. Malik seemed to get caught in the crosshairs and simply tweeted back that Harris had just “made a fool” of himself. We’re still a tad confused about this one too.

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