10 Things You Didn’t Know About Veronica Mars

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“Veronica Mars” never raked in the ratings, but the critics loved it and it collected quite a following. There wasn’t much like it on TV then and there hasn’t been a lot like it since. It was a pretty clever and engaging show that had character development, plot twists and witty dialogue. The main character, Veronica, was a great role model for young women. Unfortunately, after only three seasons, the show was canceled in 2007. It was only in 2014 that fans finally got what they wanted – the “Veronica Mars” film. For all of you who are fans of the show, here are 10 things you didn’t know about Veronica Mars!


The creator of “Veronica Mars” got his start as a writer on “Dawson’s Creek.” He wrote for the series during its first season.



“Veronica Mars” had some really famous guest stars. Some of the more notable celebrities who appeared on the show include Leighton Meester, Paris Hilton, Alyson Hannigan, Harry Hamlin, Krysten Ritter, Paul Rudd, Aaron Paul and Jessica Chastain.

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The show was originally going to have a much darker tone. Veronica Mars’ rape was meant to be more graphic; Lily’s body was supposed to be found in a river; and the conspiracy surrounding Lily’s death was going to be much more complex.

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Ryan Hansen’s character Dick Casablancas was not supposed to be a series regular. He was cast for the second episode to play a nameless, rich Neptune resident with one line, “Logan!” Rob Thomas reportedly gave him the role because of his awesome hair.

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The original script for the pilot described a very different Veronica Mars than the one we got: “She is not cute. She is sexy. Tough. Prematurely jaded. Angelina Jolie at 17.”

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In an effort to save “Veronica Mars” from cancellation during its third season, Rob Thomas pitched a very different concept to the network for season four. In it, Veronica had graduated from college and was working for the FBI. The new concept also featured an entirely new cast. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to save the show and it was canceled.

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Alona Tal was Rob Thomas’ second choice for the role of Veronica Mars. He liked her so much that he gave her a recurring role as Meg Manning.

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According to creator Rob Thomas, Amanda Seyfried, who played Lily Kane, was “about 100 times better than anyone else” who auditioned. She was so good that he used her three or four more times in the first season than he initially planned.



Jason Dohring, who played Logan Echolls, initially auditioned for the role of Duncan Kane and Teddy Dunn, who played Duncan Kane, originally auditioned for the role of Logan. After Dohring’s audition, he was asked to read for the role of Logan. Producers were impressed because he gave the character an evil but fun feel. At the time of Dohring’s audition, Logan was only supposed to be a guest star in the pilot.

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More than 500 women auditioned for the role of Veronica Mars. Kristen Bell believes that it was her sass, cheerleader good looks and her outsider’s attitude that won her the role.

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