10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tori Spelling!

Tori Spelling has been all over the tabloids for months, thanks to her husband Dean McDermott’s cheating. Even though it started out as a rumor, it’s now a verified fact. Personally, we’re rooting for Spelling – she deserves better.

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about the mother of four!


The actress turned reality TV star met her first husband, Charlie Shanian, on the set of the play “Maybe Baby, It’s You.” After a couple years of dating, these two tied the knot during a $1 million ceremony, but it wasn’t meant to be. The two filed for divorce after 14 months of marriage.


Tori Spelling met her current husband Dean McDermott while filming the TV movie “Mind Over Murder” in Ottawa, Canada. She and McDermott – who were both married at the time – left their respective spouses and became engaged after only four months of dating.


Tori Spelling’s pug, Mimi LaRue – who passed away in 2008 – was a little fashionista who had her own wardrobe.


According to Radaronline.com, Tori Spelling did not sign a prenuptial agreement with Dean McDermott.


Tori, 40, took a course on how to become an ordained minister.


Spelling’s second child, Stella, was an accident. The reality TV star was taking birth control at the time, but took a day off to switch pills and it was during that one day where she wasn’t on birth control that they conceived Stella.


Tori has admitted to having had a nose job and breast implants; however, she regrets the implants. “Well I got my boobs done in my early 20’s and if I had known it would or could possibly have impacted production of milk I would never had had them done.”


Her father Aaron Spelling was reportedly worth $500 million; however, when he died in 2006, Tori only inherited $800,000, which she used to open a bed and breakfast with McDermott for their reality TV show “Tori & Dean: Inn Love.”


The doting mom has had a difficult relationship with her mother Candy. The two have been estranged off and on for years, but they recently reconciled and have been spending more time together.


She has admitted to having financial problems due to the cancellation of the family’s reality show, poor real estate decisions and a very difficult fourth pregnancy. In spite of this, she still has a masseuse, a live-in housekeeper and was looking for a summer home.