Riverdale Season 4: Everything We Need To See And Questions We Need Answered

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The third season of Riverdale was a wild ride. While some things got so strange they were borderline ridiculous, fans still can’t get enough and unsurprisingly the season ended on a major cliffhanger. Although there was some closure on storylines like the black hood, there were a lot more doors opened for season four and we are already looking ahead to the upcoming season with everything fans want to see and all the questions we need answered in Riverdale season four! Check it out:

12. What’s Happening With Hiram

Season three of Riverdale finally saw the take down of Hiram Lodge after he went way too far in his attacks against the town’s teenagers including his own daughter, but it is almost certain he won’t stay down for long. Considering he owns the prison, Hiram certainly isn’t living the hard life while locked up and has already executed his plan to have his wife Hermione arrested. Meanwhile it is also known he has something in store to get back at Veronica as well. Time will only tell how much of a villain Hiram is in season four, but it seems he is going to shake things up even more. When Hermione was arrested she says to someone on the phone “I can’t believe Hiram was hiding that from me,” but is arrested before she can say what that is and it has been confirmed that season four will explore “the mystery of what Hiram was hiding.”

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11. More Of The Original Four

The last season of Riverdale rarely had the core four characters together, and that definitely needs to change. In season four Betty, Jughead, Archie and Veronica are all going to be in their last year of high school and with big changes on the way as they finish high school, fans want to see the group together rather than on different missions and adventures like what happened in season three. Executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa confirmed that the core four are a focus for the upcoming season, telling Entertainment Weekly, “The other thing that we wanted to do is, this year Archie and Veronica weren’t that involved in the Gargoyle King mystery — it was more Betty and Jughead. We loved the core four together in the finale. We wanted to do something that tied them all together for the core mystery and for a big secret, and it felt like having them all around that bonfire, minus Jughead, would be a way to tie them all together so that when we get to the central mystery of what happened that night and what led to the events of burning their clothes, it would be all of our foursome and not the kids split off again.”

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10. What Will Happen With Chic?

Chic made a huge and dramatic return in the season three finale, and fans know that can’t be the last we have seen of him. After the terrifying, dramatic and sick games in the woods that Penelope Blossom made the group participate in, Chic was hauled off to jail, Penelope got away and Hal is presumably dead. As the Gargoyle King and Penelope’s Jason stand-in, it isn’t likely that Chic will stay behind bars for long before Penelope rescues him. Of course the pair working together raises even more questions such as who was the original Gargoyle King and why did Penelope offer to buy all the organs that Edgar was harvesting and where are they now?

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9. How Will They Address Fred’s Absence?

After the unexpected death of beloved actor Luke Perry in March, 2019, his last episode of Fred Andrews came near the end of season three, and since then, Archie’s mom played by Molly Ringwald has taken up residence again the Andrews household. Since Perry’s passing fans have wanted to know how and when Riverdale would address Fred’s absence, and it looks like that will all be taken care of in season four. “When Luke passed, we’d already more or less outlined the last two or three episodes, and we didn’t want to rush that or get it wrong. So we are 100% going to deal with it narratively at the beginning of season 4, and we want that episode to really honor the character of Fred and honestly, to honor the actor Luke and our friend Luke,” Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed. He added that “it’s going to be a big part of Archie’s journey next season.”

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8. What Happened At the Farm?

The Farm became front and center for a lot of Riverdale‘s drama in season three, and things just got even more weird in the finale. After Edgar finally revealing that it was time to ascend, the Serpents and Poisons arrived at The Farm to find only Kevin surrounded by the clothing of the others. Kevin said that someone had to stay behind to explain what had happened and in a cult-like situation like The Farm, a mass suicide is feared. Betty and the others are going to need serious answers from Kevin about Edgar Evernever and The Farm in order to (hopefully) save Alice, Polly, Fangs and more. Of course with everyone at The Farm leaving, many Riverdale viewers are wondering if Chad Michael Murray as Edgar Evernever will be back for season four, and we certainly hope he is!

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7. More Kevin

Casey Cott’s Kevin Keller was added to the main cast after season one, but it still seems as though he isn’t getting the time he deserves on the show. Kevin is one of the show’s best characters, and it was an injustice to have him turned into a “farmie” that was rarely seen in season three. Since fans didn’t necessarily get the screen time or new romance that they wanted for Kevin in season three, there are high hopes that season four gives the character the time and storylines he deserves. As seemingly the sole survivor or last remaining member of The Farm, it would be great to see Kevin return to the high school Kevin we got to know in the first two seasons and either find Fangs or maybe even rekindle things with Moose.

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6. What Is Happening With Jason’s Body and Cheryl?

Cheryl is one of Riverdale‘s strongest characters, but her spot of weakness will always be the loss of her brother Jason, and it looks like season four is going to take Cheryl down another dark road when it comes to losing her brother. The end of the season three finale saw Cheryl with Jason’s corpse saying it is time to go home. While many are fans are hoping she is taking the body home to give him a proper burial, there is concern that Cheryl will keep it around after being convinced she was talking to him at The Farm. All Aguirre-Sacasa is revealing about the storyline is that things are going to get “weirder and more twisted with the Blossoms.” He told Entertainment Weekly about that final Cheryl scene, “The defining element of Cheryl’s character is the loss of her brother and the death of her twin brother. That will always kind of haunt and define Cheryl, and in season 1, there was a real gothic heroine quality to Cheryl, and we wanted to get a little bit back to that. I don’t think it’s going to go as extreme as Norman Bates but it will hopefully put us in a place where we can go a little bit weirder and more twisted with the Blossoms.”

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5. Where Does It Go From Here?

The last thing any Riverdale fan wants to think about is the series coming to an end, and while season four hasn’t even aired yet, the question remains: where does it go from there? As it has been pointed out season four will be the final year of high school for Archie, Betty, Jughead and Veronica which raises concerns that it will be the end of the series. While that isn’t likely because of Riverdale‘s success and popularity, there are then concerns about how the series will follow the beloved ways especially if the ominous clip from the season three ending in which Betty says the four will go their separate ways and never speak again comes true. Hopefully season four will explain what is next for the Riverdale teens and make it more clear how the series can carry on with ease.

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4. Will There Be Any Crossovers?

After only two seasons, Riverdale got its very first spin-off with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and while fans are still holding out hope for a crossover, that is seeming less and less likely. Now, The CW has gone ahead with yet another spinoff: Katy Keene, and with Riverdale‘s Josie McCoy, played by Ashleigh Murray, also starring in the series, many are hoping there will be a Katy Keene and Riverdale crossover. Before ending things with Archie, Josie explained she is headed on tour and to New York which is where Katy Keene takes place, but unfortunately a crossover once again isn’t likely. “I’ll be in my 20s,” Ashleigh Murray told Seventeen about her character Josie in the new series. “It doesn’t look like there would be any sort of crossovers between Katy Keene and Riverdale because of the time jump, so if the show goes to series, I won’t be in season four.” Since her interview, The CW has ordered Katy Keene to series so crossover hopes have lessened even more significantly.

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3. More Reggie

After two seasons, Riverdale fans got to dive a little deeper into the character of Reggie Mantle and it is about time there was more! Charles Melton has done a great job as Archie’s friend/rival for Veronica’s love and now that Archie and Veronica have reconciled, Reggie might be out for a little revenge. Either way, Riverdale has done a good job at integrating more of the secondary characters, especially Toni, but in the process has seemingly lost focus on others such as Kevin and Reggie, and hopefully season four rectifies that.

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2. What Is Charles’ Story?

Now that the real Charles Cooper/Jones has made an appearance, fans want to know more about him. After declaring that he was Alice Cooper and FP Jones’ long-lost son and therefore both Betty and Jughead’s half-brother, it seems that Charles is one of the good guys, but that is rarely how things play out in Riverdale. There is undoubtedly much more to Charles’ story than the fact that he and Alice reconnected because of the FBI’s investigation in The Farm because things are never that simple in Riverdale. His appearance was a shock and also brought more questions such as how long Alice knew about him and who he is, as well as does he know where Alice is, and does FP know about him? Season four is also sure to bring a lot of drama into Betty and Jughead’s romance with their half-brother in town. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa did hint, “Even when we introduce someone with the best of intentions, like this person is normal, this person is a good person; the way things shake out, there are always secrets and one thread we’re going to pick up with is the idea that Betty finds out in the penultimate episode that she has the serial killer gene, and that’s a story line that we’re going to continue into season 4, and Charles will have a part of that.”

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1. What Happened During Spring Break?

Last but certainly not least was the scene that brought Riverdale‘s arguably best cliffhanger. At the end of the season, all four friends declared to be “friends forever” as they sipped on milkshakes at Pop’s but Jughead’s narration of a flash-forward to spring break of senior year told an entirely different story. In the scene Archie, Betty and Veronica stood around a fire in their underwear covered in blood as they burned their clothes and Jughead’s beanie. As everyone is now fearing for Jughead’s life, Betty declared that they have to burn their clothes, including Jug’s beanie. Then they would rinse off in the swimming hole and never speak of the night again. She added that they will finish senior year, graduate, and go their separate ways. That’s the only way they won’t get caught. So now everyone needs to know what happened to Jughead? Why do they have to go their separate ways? And what are they scared of getting caught for? Those are all questions that the scene opened up for what is sure to be another dramatic and twisting season of Riverdale. 

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