10 Reality TV Scandals We Didn’t See Coming

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While we do expect a certain degree of scandal to accompany our reality TV shows, some real-life dramas have the power to shock even the most devoted of fans. This list takes a look at the indignities that unfolded before our eyes and have been uncovered over the years that splattered the tabloids like a Jackson Pollock.

10. The Bachelor & Bachelor Pad

So there have been a number of Bachelor scandals over the years, but one of the most interesting cases is Kasey Kahl who was desperate to guard and protect anyone’s heart. After Vienna Girardi called off her engagement to Bachelor Jake Pavelka, she continued on in her journey on Bachelor Pad where she began a relationship with Kahl. After the show ended, the couple quickly jumped onto Couples Therapy before breaking up after dating for 8 months. Vienna reported that Kasey was emotionally abusive, but people thought they were crocodile tears until he wound up serving 180 days community service for a bar brawl in which he was accused of hitting a woman in the face.

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9. Dog the Bounty Hunter

Damn those recorded phone calls! Showing your true colors will get you every time! Duane “the Dog” of A&E fame is well-known for ridiculously dated locks and his bad-guy catching ways, but in a recorded phone call that tore up the internet, Dog revealed that he may be a tad racist. His repeated use of the n-word resulted in a brief suspension of the show, but after an apology on Larry King Live, all seemed to be forgiven and Dog was back on the airwaves.

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8. Big Brother 15

It’s fair to say that the contestants on Big Brother 15 would have done better with a PR rep in the mix! They voiced their opinions on everything from racial minorities to homosexuals, and four contestants including the winner were put under great public scrutiny for their comments. GinaMarie Zimmerman was let go from her job as a pageant consultant for using racial slurs; Spencer Clawson was the subject of a formal investigation by his employer after comments were made about child pornography; Aaryn Gries lost her representation from her modelling agency for her racially charged remarks; and Andy Herren’s employer distanced themselves before considering giving him his job back after the show was complete. There’s a moral to be found in there somewhere…


7. Love & Hip Hop

Love & Hip Hop star Mendeecees Harris thought he had dodged a bullet when he was found not guilty of the sexual assault charges brought against him by a teenaged girl, but it turns out his drug trafficking ways landed him a honeymoon prison sentence. After pleading guilty to running a drug ring in upstate NY and smuggling cocaine and heroin into Rochester for 7 years, Harris remained free on bail until his sentencing in August…which provided time to film Love & Hip Hop Live: The Wedding. Storybook romance right there!


6. Paula Deen

Turns out the former recluse turned Food Network star has a bit of a racist streak. A disposition was leaked to the public after a $1.2 million discrimination lawsuit was filed against Deen and her brother by a former employee. After the accusation was made, Deen admitted to using racial slurs that were typical of her 1960s Southern upbringing. The ‘product of my environment’ excuse didn’t fly, and after two failed videotaped apologies, the network dropped her to avoid any associations.

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5. Duck Dynasty

The Duck Dynasty took a bit of a hit after the family patriarch Phil Robertson compared homosexuality to bestiality in an infamous interview with GQ. The debate was sparked between hate speech versus freedom of speech and religious freedom. A&E suspended Phil from the show, but this caused major outcry from his supporters and A&E resumed its regular cast. Turns out the profits generated from the series and the merchandising that accompanies it was too much for the network to lose to take a stance. While it incurred a barrage of angry tweets, the storm seems to have past.

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4. The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice saw her criminal actions come to light after being charged with 41 counts of federal fraud. Teresa and her husband Joe Giudice were accused of everything from conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud to defrauding banks and tax evasion. While both of them were found guilty, they had the luxury of taking turns serving their sentences. Joe received 41 months and Teresa served 15 months. In spite of the controversy, Teresa has maintained her popularity, and as of her December 23, 2015 release, she plans to dive right back into the filming of season 7 of Real Housewives of New Jersey. She better hope she can make a few bucks quick! She and her husband are still on the hook for $13 million dollars of debt.

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3. Teen Mom

Teen Mom has several scandals surrounding its cast members with everything from drug abuse to sex tapes. In an attempt to launch her fame to new heights, Teen Mom/porn star Farrah Abraham released an anal-tastic romp fest. Farrah has now come forward with allegations against her co-star, James Deen, saying that he raped, drugged and abused her during their casual relationship. While this may be true, Farrah is no angel. In a preview of the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG, Abraham goes on a violent and vicious tirade against the producers of the show. The argument began when Farrah was informed that she could not participate in a competing network’s reality show because it was a conflict of interest with her current MTV contract. Abraham lost her cool and, according to a Radar insider, actually punched and shoved a producer! Yikes!

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2. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

June Shannon aka Mama June may be notorious for her child rearing philosophies, but the most notable scandal surrounding this woman is her suspected involvement with convicted sex offender, Mark McDaniel. Did I mention that he was convicted of molesting her daughter, Anna “Chickadee” Shannon?! While Alana “Honey Boo Boo” was not victimized by McDaniel, he was photographed with June Shannon upon his release from prison. Shannon denies the allegations, and even denies that he ever molested Anna (even though she discusses the matter publicly), but the public outrage over the exposure of the kids to a predator was enough to get this series shut down! Oh, and forever a fan of scandal, June has more recently been sued by her daughter Alana for unpaid appearances on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

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1. 19 Kids and Counting

Oh the Duggar family…and Josh. You obviously knew this “Christian” catch would make the top of our list. While Josh was busy judging everyone and defending “family values,” his victims decided it was time to break their silence. In 2015 reports emerged that Josh had molested multiple under-aged girls, including several of his own sisters. 19 Kids and Counting was cancelled after learning that Josh’s proclivities were known to his dear ma and pa who felt they had punished Josh appropriately. In this year’s Ashley Madison scandal, Josh’s sacred ways were once again exposed, as his infidelity to his wife, who had just given birth to their fourth child, became public knowledge. I think it’s fair to say that this man’s holier-than-thou days of pontification are a thing of the past. You can’t make this stuff up!

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