7 Biggest Reality TV Feuds

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Reality TV is full of drama. People are always fighting, mostly because it makes for good TV. While that’s all fine and dandy, reality TV feuds aren’t always for ratings. Sometimes the people involved really do hate each other, but are forced to work together. We have a list of 7 reality TV feuds that were the worst of the worst. While some of them have since been resolved, some are doomed to continue indefinitely!

7. Kelly Bensimon vs. Bethenny Frankel

It was clear when Kelly Bensimon joined the cast of The Real Housewives of New York that she and Bethenny Frankel were not going to become friends – but no one thought they would become such bitter enemies! From Kelly’s passive aggressive comments about Bethenny’s profession to her little lecture about how she’s on a different level than the Skinny Girl, their feud was both ridiculous and a little scary. Things came to ahead in season three in the episode “Scary Island.” Kelly proceeded to continuously attack Bethenny, going so far as to say that the mini mogul wanted to kill her. Bethenny ended up totally losing her cool, shouting at the former model to “go to sleep!” To this day, Bethenny doesn’t feel any warm feelings towards her former nemesis and Kelly (quelle surprise!) doesn’t seem to remember it.

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6. Nicole “Snooki” Pivarnick vs. Angelina Pivarnick

Snooki and Angelina Pivarnick’s feud dates back their Jersey Shore days. When Snooki brought home one of Angelina’s former hookups, the two got into a pretty crazy chick fight that involved hair pulling, kicking and hitting. Even though years have passed, these two have continued to spar – but most of the fighting comes from Angelina’s side. In 2011, she called Snooki a “fat troll” for making an appearance on WWE. Angelina had been doing wrestling gigs and was trying to turn it into a career. Then, in 2012, Angelina reignited the feud again when she bashed Snooki for stealing her look after she went to her doctor to get lip injections. Unfortunately for Angelina, Snooki’s no longer interested in sparring and just wants to move on.

5. Amber Portwood vs. Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham has always been the outcast amongst her Teen Mom OG stars. There was even one point where they didn’t want her on the show! For the last while, Farrah has been in an epic feud with her co-star, Amber Portwood. Farrah seems to get off on making nasty remarks about her co-stars fiancé Matt Baier. Things almost got physical between the two teen moms during the reunion in 2016. When Farrah’s boyfriend Simon Saran called Matt a pedophile, she piped in that he does look one, which prompted Amber to storm the stage, yelling at her. It was pretty dramatic. Farrah was yelling at Amber to hit her. Farrah’s father got on stage and got involved and so did Matt. After this, Amber went on Twitter to announce that she was quitting the show and Farrah, unable to let the whole thing go, slammed Amber, claiming that she liked the attention and the money too much to quit.

4. Paris Hilton vs. Nicole Richie

Paris Hilton and Nicole had been best friends for most of their lives before they starred on The Simple Life, but something happened in 2005 that totally broke their friendship apart. Paris insinuated that Nicole had done something to wrong her, but Nicole always maintained that they just grew apart. Rumors swirled that Nicole was jealous of Paris’ success, and had decided to play the blonde starlet’s sex tape at a party – but Nicole denied this. Things were so acrimonious between the two of them that Paris tried to replace her on The Simple Life for season four with her friend, Kimberly Stewart, but Fox refused. When that didn’t work, the two filmed their parts separately. By the end of 2006, the two had made amends, but we’re still not entirely sure why they were feuding to begin with.

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3. Teresa Giudice vs. Danielle Staub

Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub’s feud played out on the first two seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The conflict really began when the other housewives learned about her sordid past and then confronted her about it at a dinner party. The fight escalated with Teresa calling her a number of lewd things including a “prostitution whore” and then flipped the table on her. While Teresa didn’t have any regrets about the way she and the other ladies treated Danielle, the two are apparently friends now. They met for yoga and cleared the air, and Danielle’s going to be making an appearance on RHONJ this coming season.

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2. Lauren Conrad vs. Spencer and Heidi Pratt

When Spencer Pratt joined The Hills and immediately started dating Heidi Montag, it didn’t take long for him to starting feuding with her best friend and the star of the show, Lauren Conrad. The fact that he and Lauren were feuding was definitely his fault. He was the one who started the rumor that she had made a sex tape with her ex, Jason, and Heidi helped perpetuate it. Lauren, Spencer and Heidi’s feud was so intense that Lauren almost quit the show before season three began, and to this day there is still bad blood cause Spencer likes to trash her every opportunity he gets to the media.

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1. Kenya Moore vs. Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore have been feuding since 2012, back when Porsha first joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta for season five. Kenya seemed to dislike Porsha immediately and proceeded to bully her for two years. She called Porsha “naïve” and a “heifer” upon first meeting with her, and the following season, she continued to antagonize Porsha, going so far as to suggest that her co-star had been beard for ex husband, NFL player Kordell Stewart. At the reunion special for season six, things actually got physical. Kenya taunted Porsha, which turned into them verbally attacking one another and then Porsha physically attacked her. Poor Andy Cohen had to break the whole thing up and, even though Porsha realized what she did was wrong, she was still arrested and charged with battery.



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