Dancing With The Stars’ 7 Messiest Breakups

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Things tend to get pretty heated between dance partners on Dancing With the Stars. There are long rehearsal hours and of course, a great deal of close physical contact. Sometimes all of the intimacy spills over and off the dance floor into full-blown romance. But when things cool off and work schedules resume, relationships can turn sour and things can get sloppy. Other times, jealous lovers can spurn contestants in a fit of envy. This is our look at the relationships that got messy because of Dancing With the Stars.

7. Helio Castroneves & Julianne Hough

These season 5 partners sparked major rumors of a relationship when they kissed on air and both broke off their relationships with other people. Castroneves called off his engagement to fiancée Aliette Vazquez after the show ended. Helio commented to ABC News, “it was the beginning of something [but] it was beyond that point. It was time to let it go.” Many fans turned on Julianne, calling her a “homewrecker” but she maintains she’s “the only one on the show that hasn’t hooked up.” When questioned of the coincidental timing of the ending of her own relationship, she stated: “If I had stayed in Utah, it could have worked. But I’m in a different place in my life now.”




6. Shannon Elizabeth & Derek Hough

Fan favorites, Shannon and Derek, dated for more than a year after the show ended. Things were pretty serious between the two and they even lived together. When the couple split, they posted matching Twitter messages informing fans and maintained their respect for one another, but Derek was later quoted by USA Today as stating, “When I competed I always fell in love with my partners.” I guess Shannon is just another lady on a long list. Ouch!

 Gregorio T. Binuya/Everett Collection

Gregorio T. Binuya/Everett Collection