Dancing With The Stars: 13 Celebrities Who Should Be Cast

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Dancing With the Stars is now in its 24th season which means that it is of course hugely successful. Regardless of the fact that loyal and passionate fans tune in every season, there are always complaints about the caliber of “stars” that are cast for the show. Dancing With the Stars has become a go-to for reality stars, athletes, and once popular actors and actresses who have fallen off the radar. The choice to go on the show has proven to boost the career of some stars and was a really good move to re-emerge into the spotlight. Here are 13 celebrities who should be cast on Dancing With the Stars:

13. Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette is a well-known and extremely talented singer, but not as much has been heard from her in recent years. Morissette most recently made headlines because she had been robbed of over $5 million from her ex-manager, which means she could use a little positivity in her career, not to mention make a few hundred thousand anyway. She also seems to be looking for some sort of comeback after performing a hilarious rendition of her hit “Ironic” with James Corden in 2015. With no new music releases since 2012, it is about time Morissette steps back into the spotlight, and possibly on to the dancefloor?

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12. Tony Romo

As Dancing With the Stars has evolved, athletes — especially NFL stars — both past and present have become common stars cast each season. Fans have seen everything from current players such as Rashad Jennings to NFL heroes like Emmitt Smith compete, and now that famed Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has gone into retirement, he might have some more time in the spotlight if he were to join the show. He has made it clear he has no plans to simply turn to a private life as he is jumping straight into football broadcasting with CBS, and Dancing With the Stars would be a great segue between his careers.

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