11 Couples Who Will Definitely Split in 2014!

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Some major couples have broken up in 2013, but some other couples that are literally hanging by a thread seem to be holding on tight! We’re predicting that some of these couples won’t make it through 2014! Check out our list and vote on who you think will break up this coming year!

11. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been married for about 16 years and rumors concerning both parties cheating have been circulating on and off for a while now. Both parties have alluded to the possibility that they have an open marriage and the two are rarely ever seen together, suggesting that they are on a trial separation. We don’t think these two will last another year.


10. Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston

Even though Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston are supposed to be engaged, rumor has it that the two of them have hit a rough patch. The couple is said to have put their wedding on hold indefinitely and, according to the rumor mill, these two did not spend Thanksgiving together. We really want Aniston to have her happily ever after, but something tells us that these two seem headed for Splitsville.

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146 Responses to “11 Couples Who Will Definitely Split in 2014!”

  1. Anthony Millsaps says:

    J-Lo can’t keep a man for nothing. I’m shocked her and Marc Anthony stayed together as long as they did. If it weren’t for their kids I’m certain she would’ve feasted on his heart a lot earlier. She is a man eater plain and simple. A female praying mantis. Except she doesn’t eat their bodies, she eats men’s souls!

  2. Anthony Millsaps says:

    Why would Adam Lavigne cheat on a gorgeous woman like that? Even if the other chic he’s with his a hotty too he owes it to her to cut her loose. Any guy would give their left nut to ne with a dime like her!

  3. Anthony Millsaps says:

    I honestly thought Lamar and Khloe would stay married for a very long time perhaps forever because they genuinely seemed happy with each other. Out of all of the Kardashian women, Khloe doesn’t seem to be a munipulative brainless hussy and I feel really sorry for her. I don’t know what happened to Lamar to cause him to spiral downward so hard but it’s unfair to Khloe to stick around if he’s committing adultery and abusing hardcore drugs. If it was just the drugs then I would say she has an obligation to try and help be there for him and get him help, but he crossed the line by cheating. See you in court…Lambie

  4. Anthony Millsaps says:

    Why would John Mayer finally settle down with Katy Perry after all of his womanizing in recent years? She’s obviously beautiful, successful and seems to respect the guys musical talents but how can you really trust him? She’s in a tough situation that’s for sure

  5. Hill says:

    I think she should look for signs, be cautious and try if she loves him. Maybe he has never been in love or loved a woman before?

  6. 1Jazzi2 says:

    If Katy was smart she would run. At this point Mayer need to use her like a step latter and I don’t respect Katy for being a tool.

  7. Anthony Millsaps says:

    That is a distinct possibilty, but a man his age has to have fallen in love before. Katy Perry knows what she’s getting herself into and is a grown woman. If he cheats on her and the odds are he will, and she’ll be saying to herself “I should’ve known better” I wish them both luck but this isn’t going to end well and it will end pretty soon

  8. Steve Groff says:

    Dude you need stop watching TV, reality shows , and tmz. You feel sorry for khole? Give me a break I could care less but For you to think you know any of these people or how they are based on what you see on TV is ridiculous.

  9. SportsLady STL says:

    Irresponsible article to use the word definitely in the title.

  10. Nikki Tigner says:

    This is awful! Why would you write an article wishing couple would breakup!? Blah! You suck!

  11. Run says:

    Will and Jada are weird! I actually HOPE they split, because they seem like a fake, dysfunctional couple. They don’t look like a couple in love, they look like a couple showing the world that they are a couple.

    They say the have an open marriage – who does that? – and their views on child-rearing seem conflicted.

    They’re just a weird family, period, and their kids come across as being too big for their britches and arrogant.

  12. Run says:

    The article doesn’t express “hope” or “wishes” that these marriages implode; it just predicts that they will.

  13. lynn says:

    Casper is so gay! Right now he loves money more than men. Johnny Depp lost himself and is superficial like the rest of Hollywood.
    Why do people even care about Kardashian Klan?

  14. jjthejetplane says:

    Hard to believe the Jon Ham story. They have been together since they were both nobody’s.

  15. Melanie says:

    You forgot to mention Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They can’t last much longer. They’re spending more and more time away from each other for months at a time (which they always said they’d never do). When they are photographed together the body language is terrible. I predict they will be kaput in 2014.

  16. Mimi Farmvill says:

    Keep dreaming. It’s only been 8 years they have been together

  17. Mimi Farmvill says:

    Maybe it’s more like men can’t handle a woman more successful than they are. After all Madonna is single again, probably very imposing. Marc Anthony is a bitch anyway. Im pretty sure your single too Mr reality.

  18. Mimi Farmvill says:

    Get real, 8 years people have been hoping that. Keep dreaming. They didn’t mention it because it’s bull, he never spends any time away from her.

  19. Lou Ann says:

    Will and Jada have it figured out. That aren’t going anywhere other than to pick up another award. Don’t hate on happiness, the only one it makes look bad is you

  20. Kastin Hoffman says:

    What about Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel?!?!?

  21. Originalist says:

    Jen needs a man, not a dancer or actor!

  22. s nsubuga says:

    What about me and my wife guys? You seem to know everything down here!

  23. s nsubuga says:

    I mean she smiles a lot lately, eats a lot of KFC! Pls Dr Anthony! You seem to have a lot of time for other peoples business!

  24. Salem says:

    Keep fantasising! They never spend time apart and when they do they visit each other on their respective sets, which is something Aniston and Pitt never did, If you actually look at them when photographed, they look mroe and more in love than EVER, as each year passes. Their body language shows they are more in love now, and very committed, and Brad always looks so proud and loving. NO ONE will predict they will split because their body language, their determination to not spend any long time apart, and their commitment to each other and their family shines through the photos. They are left off the list for a reason, unless the list is “Most least likely to split”. These 2 are more solid than ever, trust it, accept it, deal with it.

  25. Salem says:

    Anthrax (Aniston and Theroux) will DEFINITELY split this year, since they continually are apart, spend no time together at all, and when photographed, they look miserable with no chemistry. Then again, as many have pointed out, they were never a real couple anyway, just faking it for the business deals. I think Huvane is going to purchase another man to pretend to be Aniston’s boyfriend, since Theroux is clearly tired of their arrangement, no matter how much money he is being paid.

  26. Amy says:

    Is it just me are does that casper guy whos with j-lo look like a younger mark Anthony. Maybe its the picture.

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  28. melizzi says:

    No..No..No…she can keep them…til she’s bored or works on a new movie/project/video…Oh yeah, Pdid & Ben she couldn’t keep… Poor lil’ rich girl !

  29. Robert Hay says:

    what about Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones….they weren’t on this list and should be!

  30. Leevora Harris says:

    Awe! I hope Ms. Aniston finds that wonderful man to give her that happily ever after. She’s so beautiful!

  31. Leevora Harris says:

    JLo is too good for any of the men she ends up with! Chris was at least a hottie! But seeing as many of us un-famous females search for love over and over again, her non lasting relationships aren’t that surprising. Most of us find love, lose love, then find love again. That’s life!

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  33. […] Also Check Out: 11 Couples Who Will Definitely Split in 2014! […]

  34. Kristina says:

    I think it’s horrible to be betting on break ups! Shame on you US!

  35. juicycapoochie says:

    What a mean spirited article. I hope the sad, pathetic, jealous people who wrote this get a taste of their own medicine. You are literally willing people to suffer loss and heartache. Get a life!

  36. Laine says:

    This is really a mean-spirited article. Predicting peoples’ unhappiness just seems cruel. I know they’ve chosen to live their lives in the public eye, but this seems over the top.

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  38. Harleyloverx2 says:

    What comes around goes around……..it’s called KARMA!!

  39. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Small correction on the Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux one–they did spend Thanksgiving together. But they’ve been completely BSing their wedding plans, so that’s why I think that they’re broken up.

  40. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    They were apart because the filming schedule for ‘Unbroken’ was pushed up from January 2014, to September 2013–because of Louis Zamperini’s health (they want him to see the film before he dies). Brad was supposed to film, then Angelina–it didn’t work that way because of their schedules. Obviously you can’t ALWAYS keep the rule of staying together.

  41. Warren says:

    I don’t think it will happen with LeAnn and Eddie. They always look very happy and in love. It’s just haters wishing they would divorce, they’ve been saying that since they got married.

  42. spiderman21 says:

    One couple that was not mentioned here are Kanye and Kim. I think these two will split up by this year.

  43. OnThree says:

    Eddie won’t leave Leanne because she’s his $$$ train.

  44. IAS2011 says:

    Jada was beautiful when she was wearing her hair ‘natural’. I’m sure Will’s fed-up with her putting shiny wigs on her head.


  45. Emojevbe_J says:

    What Johnny Depp did to his long time love, Vanessa Paradis, was ALL SORTS OF WRONG ! I hope the same thing is done to him by Amber so that, he knows what he feels like. That is, if he doesn’t do it to her first.

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  47. Thomas Wainwright says:

    Maybe J-Lo can get with somebody taller than 5’2″…..you’ll never hear from that little squirt again…..lmao.
    She watched Ben Affleck get an Oscar…and then started screaming at Casper that he was a nobody…..OUCH!

  48. Thomas Wainwright says:

    Jon Hamm is very well endowed. Just sharing his member with the ladies. Nothing wrong with that.

  49. Thomas Wainwright says:

    Anyone who dumps Eva Mendes needs his head examined.

  50. Thomas Wainwright says:

    Jennifer Aniston is looking old. And not aging well.

  51. Thomas Wainwright says:

    How old is this thing? Lamar’s been with a couple of hundred women since this was written…lol

  52. ricotorpe says:

    Jennifer Aniston has the “stanky bad breaf” and that could be it.

  53. ricotorpe says:

    If that is the case about Depp, it is to cry over. He is one of the few actors that really want to be better and further expand his already great abilities

  54. zoosk zoosky says:

    Oh well that makes it all right then…

  55. Pmc 5121 says:

    I think just about everybody with eyes may disagree with you. She is a beauty

  56. Hollybrynn says:

    There should be “I hope not” and “I hope so” options!

  57. Adam Warren says:

    What a cruel, nasty and mean report :|

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  59. Bob the bolder says:

    Wot a load of bollox. Who cares?.

  60. liz says:

    I hope not I hope they stay together

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  64. […] Also Check Out: 11 Couples Who Will Definitely Split In 2014! […]

  65. […] Also Check Out: 11 Couples Who Will Definitely Split in 2014! […]

  66. Lin Eney says:

    One poll category seems to have been left out. The one for "WHO CARES"!

  67. Davina Bell says:

    Probably not. They're both gay anyway, why change the united front. I feel sorry for the overworked kids.

  68. Who is the moron who writes this stuff? can't you get a proper job?

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