11 Celebrities with Unique Hidden Talents (with Videos)

Celebrities are known for the acting abilities, singing talent, and/or dancing skills. However, some celebrities have hidden talents. Special skills kept in the dark either deliberately or because the talent has so little to do with what their career is now that it has faded into the background of obscurity. But every now and then a hidden talent is revealed and fans are given a glimpse of a celebrity’s secret passion.

1. Pierce Brosnan – Trained Fire-Eater

Former 007 superspy Pierce Brosnan was 16 when he began working for the circus where he was trained as a fire-eater. The actor remained with the circus for three years before leaving to pursue his acting career. Brosnan later resurrected this unusual talent for an episode of his television series, “Remington Steele” in the eighties and, later for an appearance on “Muppets Tonight”.



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