10 Most Controversial Music Videos of All Time

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Art can be controversial, and promote the good, promote the bad or it can be controversial to simply stir the pot in an attempt to drop jaws and be labeled controversial. This list has a little bit of everything, but nothing that you’d be embarrassed to read at work. That’s another list for another time, and likely another medium. Don’t fret, there’s plenty of controversy to peruse right here. Enjoy 10 of the most controversial music videos of all time.

10. Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler

There were a couple videos for Simian Mobile Disco’s dance track, “Hustler.” There is an official video, and there is also a fan video which has garnered some serious play. We’re gonna focus on the original, but offer mention to the fan video, because it is also oddly controversial. In “Hustler,” the video begins at a party featuring several young women/girls, and they seem quite bored. They’re so bored, one of the girls starts a game of Chinese Whispers, or what is known as telephone in the USofA. The game works around the circle of young ladies, then evolves, or devolves into a more physical game of Chinese Whispers. Lips are locked, body parts are touched and every (good) man watching, turns away in horror, imagining that this is what will happens to his little girl in college. The other 98 percent of men watch with great intrigue.


9. Nicki Minaj – Anaconda

It’s too fresh to score highly on this list, but it’s too out there to be left off. Nicki Minaj thought too highly of her video for “Anaconda,” because the song was marginally infectious at best. She relied heavily on the popularity of the next video on the list, and then put a bunch of twerking women into a mix of snakes. Yeah. We all get the double entendre. When trying to stir the pot for controversy and keep up with Miley Cyrus, it helps not to insult your audience. When Miley dropped a deuce and it hit the fan with Robin Thicke on the VMAs, it was shocking. Nicki Minaj grinding and twerking in a video is old hat. That said, it was the closest thing to soft core porn than has ever been released in the realm of pop music, and that certainly stirred some controversy. But it’s 2015. Nobody was shocked.