10 Cool Facts You Don’t Know About Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis has become one of the most sought after actresses on the planet. She’s sweet, successful and sexy – the perfect combination in everyone’s eyes. And while Mila has been on the scene for decades, there are still a lot of things most of us don’t know about the 30-year-old star. Here are 10 cool facts you probably didn’t know about Ashton Kutcher’s current flame:

1. Mila and Macaulay Culkin

While many people are aware that Mila and Macaulay had a relationship in the past, most don’t realize just how serious the romance was. Mila and the Home Alone star dated for eight long before calling it quits in 2011.

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  • Brian Sleider

    How could any one not know by now she is Meg?

  • Chris Clarke

    Milena or Melina? Proof reading fail

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  • Brian Sleider

    Ahh the internet, breeding a special bread of a$$ hole since 1994.

  • Pennington420

    “dated for eight long before calling it quits in 2011″- 8 long what?!!! Hours, days, seconds?!!! Argh I will never know