10 Best Celebrity Snapchat Accounts To Follow

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Over recent years it has become more and more obvious that the gap between regular people and celebrities is closing. Not only has Reality TV led so many otherwise normal people to fame, but the fast-paced rise of social media has made celebrities, athletes and socialites more accessible than ever before. While this has caused some issues when it comes to increased shaming and harassment from behind screens, some stars have embraced Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and best of all Snapchat to interact with fans and show the behind the scenes of their lives. Snapchat incorporates all the fun and openness of other platforms, but leaves out the insults and fights that come with Instagram comments or Tweets, and celebs love it! Here are the 10 best celebrities to follow on Snapchat:

10. Usher

It has been quite some time since Usher was singing hits like “U Remind Me” and “My Way,” but that definitely doesn’t mean his life has been boring, and fans can see this on Snapchat. While Usher is usually quiet and calm, fans get to see a different side of him on Snapchat as he makes new music, and lives his life, and at times takes his turn in the coaches’ chair on The Voice. Best of all are the very detailed behind the scenes looks at his personal life, and his followers have definitely increased especially after he showed just a little too much with a steamy sauna selfie and fans are hoping for a bit more. Snapchat handle: howusnap.

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9. Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush has endeared fans through all of her roles, but especially as Brooke Davis in One Tree Hill, so for those fans who certainly don’t think they see enough of her, her Snapchat is a must-follow. Whether sharing some seriously excellent on-set selfies from Chicago PD or her life with her dog, Bush’s Snapchat account will always make you smile and of course make those One Tree Hill fans miss B. Davis even more. Snapchat handle: sophiabushsnaps.

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