Y&R Weekly Poll: Will Sharon Find Out About Nick And Phyllis This Week?

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Summer is ending in Genoa City, but storylines are continuing to heat up! This week has been a particularly dramatic one and next week is promising to be just as dramatic. Vote to let us know what The Young and the Restless storylines you’re loving with our Y&R weekly poll:

Here Are Our Top 5 Polls of the Week:

5. Kyle Outing Summer

Kyle finally went to Phyllis to let her know that Summer is planning to seduce Billy. What do you think about this development? Are you happy that Kyle outed Summer?

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4. Abby and Arturo

Abby and Arturo had a rough week. Rey has added some conflict between the pair, as he has been feuding with Arturo this past week. How are you feeling about Abby and Arturo? Do you think they should break up?

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3. Team Nick or Team Billy

This week, Nick purchased the leasing company behind Billy’s Jaboutiques and then hiked the rent up on Billy. What do you think of this? Are you on Team Nick or Team Billy?

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2. Do You Like Rey?

Jordi Vilasuso has joined the cast of Y&R as Rey and is investigating J.T. Hellstrom’s disappearance. What do you think of his character? Do you think he is a great addition to the cast?

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1. Will Sharon Find Out About Nick and Phyllis?

Nick’s hookup with Phyllis has been driving the storylines on Y&R for a few weeks now. Now that Summer knows about her parent’s hookup, how long until Sharon finds out? Do you think she will find out this coming week?

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