Zach Galifianakis Interviews Brad Pitt On Between Two Ferns

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You’ve likely seen it. If not, it’s a must. You can handle the backlash from your boss. It’s worthwhile. If you have, here’s your excuse to watch it again.

Zach Galifianakis welcomed Brad Pitt to his fake talk show, Between Two Ferns, and proceeded to ask real questions of the actor. That’s how it works, folks. Fake show. Real questions. Yes, the questions are skewed toward beautiful awkwardness devoid of political correctness, so for any of you Bieber fans who stumble across that particular episode… now you know.

(Remember the Bieber fans wanting to kill precious Zach?)

The Brad Pitt episode of Between Two Ferns is full of so much gold, it’s hard to know where to start digging. Did Zach touch on all the touchy subjects in Brad’s life? Absolutely. Is he incredibly clever in how he navigates the “interview?” Perfection. Is Brad Pitt one of the best people in the world in terms of making fun of himself?

Zach asks Brad about sit-com relationships, about Angelina Jolie and about the difficulties of maintaining a tan. And somewhere in the mix, Brad and Zach share a piece of gum. And of course, Jennifer Aniston makes it into the mix.

“What about Louis C.K.” you ask? Oh yeah. He’s there, too. Pretty much making this the greatest episode of fake episodes–relatively speaking–ever put on video involving two chairs, two ferns, one table and a stand-up comedian.

What are you waiting for? The episode is anxiously awaiting your eyes. Check it out below.


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