Y&R Weigh In: Is Victoria Trying To Sabotage Lily And Billy’s Relationship?

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Young And The Restless’ (Y&R) Victoria felt as though she was well rid of Billy, that is until he started dating Lily. Now it seems like she’s been doing everything in her power to tear them apart. Is Victoria trying to sabotage Lily and Billy’s relationship?

Just before Christmas, Billy was planning a last-minute getaway for his new lady love. He was going to jet her away to New Orleans for a night. But when Victoria caught wind of their romantic rendezvous, she had Johnny call his dad and tell him he was worried he might not make it back to Genoa City for Christmas Day.

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Lily overheard it all and suggested to Billy that flying somewhere just before the holidays maybe wasn’t the greatest idea. So, he canceled their trip and ended up treating her to a New Orleans themed evening at Society.

A few weeks ago, Billy planned a celebration dinner for himself and Lily after they’d closed a business deal and Victoria manipulated his plans once again. She asked Billy to take Johnny and Katie to a skating fundraiser, saying she had a late meeting and couldn’t do it.

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He regretfully cancelled his plans with Lily to take the kids. But then Victoria’s meeting was suspiciously canceled, so they all went skating together. Although she has told Billy she’s supportive of his relationship with Lily, it’s obvious that Victoria keeps using their children to rope him back into her life.

Most recently, she was supposed to fly to Hawaii with Nikki, and Victoria asked Billy to take care of their kids for a few days, which he agreed to. He took them to Chancellor Communications to meet Lily and they planned go out to dinner afterwards.

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As they all hung out at the office having fun, Victoria burst in with a big smile on her face. Her plane had been diverted back to Genoa City, due to bad weather. Once again, Billy’s plans with Lily ended up being cancelled and he went home with Victoria and the kids for pizza at her place.

Billy has accused her of being jealous of his new relationship, which she denies. But if anything, Victoria appears more envious than jealous. She’s a workaholic, trying to bring up two kids by herself, so perhaps she just wants Billy to be as alone and miserable as she is.

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However, Victoria has always had a soft spot for Billy and Villy has always found their way back to each other. Is she hoping to reunite with Billy and purposely sabotaging his relationship with Lily?

Is Victoria trying to sabotage Lily and Billy's relationship?

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