Why Johnny Depp Proposed to Amber Heard

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Let’s all speculate, shall we? The 50 year old Johnny Depp is planning to tie the knot with the 27 year old Amber Heard, and we need to figure out what these two could possibly have in common. Well, aside from both being aesthetically beautiful versions of humanity.

Yes, there is a generation gap, as well as 23 years of living between Johnny and Amber, but let’s be honest, shall we? Nobody is surprised that this 27 year old girl is attracted to this particular 50 year old man. Sure, it won’t hurt her career, but she was doing just fine on her own. Bottom line, there has to be something absolutely undeniable that provided for the first magnetism between the two. What were the conversations like when the two of them were shooting The Rum Diary?

Was it a simple admiration for one another’s talent? Sure. Life ambition and worldview? Sure. But what about those things they both love? What about… guns? And there you have it, folks. We’ve cracked the code.

Johnny Depp is a longtime lover of shooting, and Amber Heard is from Austin, Texas, where they pretty much gift you a rifle before you’re 10 years old, even if you’re a girl. Amber knows her way around firearms, and no doubt, this was enough of a commonality to make Johnny Depp raise an eyebrow at the potential.

Sure, it’s more than guns that have lured this couple toward nuptials. Amber is an interesting catch, as she wasn’t necessarily shopping for a husband. In fact, her last serious relationship before Johnny was with a woman. You can just imagine that these are the life-things that make Johnny Depp cock his head to the side with intrigue. It’s nearly impossible to slap labels on either one of these individuals, as Johnny Depp has always been slightly odd, or perhaps a little weird, and Amber seems like she’s a pea from the same pod.

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