Who JLaw Thinks Deserves Her ‘Sexiest Woman In The World’ Title

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We knew Jennifer Lawrence couldn’t graciously except the title of “Sexiest Woman in The World,” not even from a biased publication like FHM. She would merely do what she does best: deflect. She’s one of those rare humble types, which is likely one reason people voted for her as the sexiest woman in the world.

Again, as stated when FHM released its “Sexiest Women…” issue, this isn’t really about declaring the sexiest woman in the world. This is about selling magazines, and scoring as many Internet hits as possible. Everyone on the list is a celebrity. Having reiterated these facts, let’s revisit the topic now that Jennifer has offered her take on scoring the 2014 title.

There are approximately four billion women in the world, and the sexiest of the sexies are actresses, models and musicians? FHM would have us believe this. Logic would suggest you consider the great unknown pool of sexies. And Jennifer Lawrence…? She would have you believe someone else deserves the title. Here’s a hint: She does think a celebrity deserves the crown.

Jennifer was self-effacing when she suggested that someone else deserved the title, and called her own title the “lie heard ’round the world.” No. It was not heard around the world–it’s not that important, but it’s nice to hear that JLaw holds others in such high esteem. Oh, the career Lindsay Lohan could still have if she’d adopted such simple life principles six years ago.

Wanna know who Jennifer thinks is the sexiest woman in the world? Check out the video below!

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