We Weigh In: Will Y&R’s Real-Life Love Triangle Impact Future Storylines?

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Will the alleged romance between Courtney Hope (Sally Spectra) and Mark Grossman (Adam Newman) affect future storylines on The Young and the Restless (Y&R)? While the actors’ personal lives are their own business, this real-life love triangle is already impacting the CBS soap. Vote in our poll below with your thoughts!

When it was rumored in late September that Y&R stars Courtney Hope and Mark Grossman were an item, viewers responded with confusion. Isn’t Grossman dating co-star Sharon Case (Sharon Rosales)? Weren’t he and Case even rumored to be engaged

Daytime drama fans found themselves similarly out of the loop with regards to Hope’s private life. Many onlookers thought the actress was still with General Hospital’s Chad Duell, having caught the news about their high-profile wedding but not their break-up eight weeks later.

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Plus, the evidence surrounding Hope and Grossman’s romance was circumstantial at best. The two had attended a wedding together, which could have easily been a professional or platonic courtesy. However, neither actor has bothered to clarify the speculation.

In the five weeks which have passed since the gossip began, Hope and Grossman have gradually (and quietly) made it clear that they are together. By ignoring requests for comment and appearing in more and more social media posts together, the two are transitioning their relationship from secret to unofficial. Hope even made peace with her short-lived marriage.

So, now that everyone’s on the same page about this real-life super couple, how will it affect future Y&R storylines? From strained relations between co-stars to awkward interactions, it seems unavoidable that Hope, Grossman and Case’s personal lives will keep certain narratives from developing.

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According to one source, this love triangle between co-stars is already causing friction between Hope and Y&R personnel behind the scenes. Given that Case has been on the CBS soap for almost 30 years, it makes sense that certain staff might feel an allegiance to the actress. For her part, Case has not commented on Hope and Grossman’s relationship.

One potential arc that will forever be nipped in the bud by this tension on the set is any reunion plans between Adam Newman and Sharon Rosales. Despite how toxic they were in the past, the coupling of Adam and Sharon still had many fans, who cited the pair’s ferocious chemistry. Viewers can forget about that! 

Other possible arcs will be impacted by this new workplace dynamic. A potential love triangle that some viewers have been hoping for – one between Sharon, Adam and Billy (Jason Thompson) – is also now kaput. Although many fans would love to see Newman and Abbott face off over Sharon’s affections, only a recast would make it possible at this point.

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Now, do any of these nullified storyline options really change what Y&R’s head writer Josh Griffith had planned? Not really, because he’s a huge fan of Sally and Adam together.

“I think the dynamic between Sally and Adam is so delicious,” Griffith told Soap Opera Digest in the spring. So, even though the characters are currently at a frosty impasse, Griffith doesn’t plan to waste their chemistry for too long.

What about Sharon? Well, that’s the question fans are always asking Griffith – because he rarely bothers to write for Case’s character. Despite a soap full of emotionally damaged characters, Sharon’s role as a qualified therapist is marginalized. Instead of getting a storyline of her own, she’s constantly handing out muffins at Crimson Lights. 

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And it looks like that character neglect isn’t about to end anytime soon. In Griffith’s recent preview for November sweeps, viewers couldn’t help but notice that Sharon doesn’t get a single mention. 

So, while Y&R fans will never see Sharon and Adam reconcile, there’s no word on a future romance for Ms. Rosales. Will she wind up back with Nick once Sally and Adam reconnect? Perhaps, but the “Shick” couple are closer friends than ever. When Nick approached her about his romance with Sally, she didn’t seem hurt or jealous in the least.

Sadly, even Sally and Adam’s romance could be in danger due to their real-life romance. No matter how much Griffith enjoys this couple’s dynamic, a break-up between Hope and Grossman would create even more awkwardness on the CBS set. Obviously, we’re wishing this newly minted couple the best, but we have to look at all possibilities!

Will Courtney Hope and Mark Grossman’s romance affect Y&R storylines?

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