Watch Justin Bieber Confused, Angry And Insolent At His Deposition!

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.comJustin Bieber is not doing himself any favors with his most recent performance. Especially considering that his performance was his making a mockery during his criminal deposition. This kid is a mess.

What else can honestly be said about Justin Bieber? The kid has become a puppet for music industry execs, and a cash cow for a variety of leeches, ranging from family and friends to his “handlers,” including his legal team. His appearance at this deposition is one of the most insulting things I have ever witnessed. Justin appears to have the intelligence of a fence post.

This is what happens when you take someone who was literally meant to be a song bird, and dress them up to be a bird of prey. It doesn’t work.

Justin does everything in his deposition from threatening the prosecuting attorney to offering possibly one of the biggest Freudian slips in the history of our contemporary world! You can see that one in the videos below–I would do nothing but spoil it if I tried to explain.

So, what’s next for Justin Bieber. Sadly, the judge will be privy to this deposition, and it seems Justin didn’t understand that some of the lines of questioning could have worked to his benefit had he answered with honesty and candor, as opposed to being a complete and total jerk. At one point, he calls the deposing attorney Katie Couric. Seriously.

And if I’m the prosecution in this case, I call all of his celebrity friends that he refused to talk about during his deposition, put them under oath and figure out which one Justin has wronged the greatest. I’m gonna say Selena Gomez would be the first to crack.

Check out the videos and lose yourself to The 8th Natural Wonder of The World: Justin Bieber.


James Sheldon