Vin Diesel’s Hilarious Katy Perry Dance Party!

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Sometimes, a guy has just got to turn on a camera, hit record and pump a little Katy Perry from the nearest stereo system.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Vin Diesel.

The actor who is mostly known for driving fast, busting a** and crushing adversaries with his bare hands and an array of weaponry, decided there was no better way than to reach out to fans with a little video love. Technically, I suppose you could call it a Vin Diesel VLOG entry, but it was pretty random. And exceptionally odd. And totally awesome.

In truth, it seems that Vin Diesel has been profoundly affected by the loss of his dear friend, Paul Walker. Vin has been offering one bridge after another to his fans as he has worked through his grieving process–many messages of thanks–many moments of his gratitude–just one example after another of saying thank you. His one-man, Katy Perry dance party is just one example. Oh, and lest I forget. Beyonce also made an appearance at the dance party. Well… she did in spirit and voice.

On the video, Vin explains that he was really excited about his career momentum, and just very thankful to all of his fans. And call me presumptuous, but it seems Vin might have also had a little liquid-loosener prior to hitting record. Perhaps a beverage that is amber in color, and warms the body and soul as it goes down smoothly? Again. Mere presumption.

One thing we can all agree upon… More celebrities should do things like this! We see all of the Bieber drama, and the Lohan drama (where is Linsday these days?) and the glitz and the glam… but these are those moments where badasses like Vin Diesel can really let loose and be themselves.

To enjoy some of Vin’s possibly intoxicated, and probable intoxicating dance moves, check out the video!


James Sheldon