Video Shows Bruce Jenner Did Rear End Two Vehicles In Fatal Crash

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On Saturday February 7, former Olympian and reality star Bruce Jenner made the news after he was involved in a serious collision on a Malibu highway that left one of the Kardashian’s neighbors, Kim Howe, 69, dead.

Initially reports indicated that it was Jenner that caused the collision after possibly texting and driving but afterwards police were investigating a different vehicle as the culprit after a Prius apparently suddenly stopped in order to perform an illegal U-turn.

Officials then thought that Howe’s Lexus initially hit the Prius that was stopped and then Jenner hit Howe, pushing the vehicle into traffic resulting in Howe’s death.

Recently however the blame has turned back on Jenner after police investigated a video of the crash which officials told The Associated Press on Wednesday Feb. 18 “shows Bruce Jenner started a chain-reaction crash that resulted in a woman’s death.”

It seems however that after hitting Howe’s Lexus and propelling it into traffic, Jenner’s Escalade that was towing an ATV on a trailer, continued forward also hitting the Prius.

Jenner underwent several sobriety tests proving he had not been drinking driving at the time of the accident and it is believed he was not texting and driving either after offering up his phone records to authorities.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is continuing its investigation to determine the exact cause of the crash which they say could result in a citation leading to criminal charges.

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