Verne Troyer Assures Fans He’s Fine After Suffering Seizure

Photo by Picture Perfect/REX

Photo by Picture Perfect/REX

Actor Verne Troyer reportedly suffered a seizure on Saturday March 21 during an autograph signing event at the Hear of Texas Comic Con according to The Hollywood Reporter.

While it was a scary moment for the 46-year old a rep for Troyer said in a statement that he was taken to hospital for “precautionary measures” and “all tests came back normal and [he] left shortly after that.”

Troyer, who is best known for his 1999 role in Austin Powers as Mini-Me, reassured everyone he was indeed fine, tweeting out, “Everything’s ok guys. Thanks for the concern.”

Not long after his tweet he also posted a video stating, “Hey everyone, this is Verne. I’m sure you guys have heard some news that I went to the hospital, but I just want to reassure you and let everybody know that I’m doing fine. I was there for maybe a couple of hours, did some tests, and now I’m here at the hotel and I plan on signing again tomorrow. Thank you again.”

Troyer, standing at 2-foot-8 has had a very successful acting career appearing not only in Austin Powers but as well in Harry Potter as Griphook the Goblin and also appearing in several TV shows, saying he never let his small stature get in his way.

“I never looked at my size as a handicap. I felt like I fit in at school, I was even elected Homecoming King. I don’t know what it’s like to be tall, so this is normal for me. It’s you guys who are abnormal.”

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