Tom Hanks Son Talks Addiction, Sobriety

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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have a son named Chet, and he has been struggling with drug and alcohol addiction since he was 16. Now 24, Chet is regularly attending support meetings, and has dedicated himself to sobriety.

You may remember Chet as the rapper/musician “Chet Haze,” and his feud with several celebrities, writers, bloggers, comedians and media outlets who have basically discarded him as nothing more than a rich kid making bad music.

Being born into a life of privilege seems like it would be a wonderful thing. The question you have to ask yourself: How can you enjoy the sweet when you’ve never experienced anything sour. It’s not to say that celebrities and their families don’t experience the same problems as everyone else, but studies suggest that issues having to do with depression, stress, anxiety and even the divorce… financial stress is the number one contributor.

On the flip side, for those who have only known a life of being a “have,” as opposed to a “have not,” like Chester “Chet” Hanks, there is a different challenge: Seeking more when you virtually have it all. Chet turned to substances to experience “more,” and found, like so many others, that he was merely robbing himself of what he already had.

Before the tabloids were able to take a few jabs at Chet’s struggle with addiction, Chet took to his Instagram page to beat the tabloids to the punch. In his video he spoke of his addiction issues, and let his fans/friends know that he was 50 days sober, and doing better than ever.

To see Chet speak about his addiction and sobriety, check out the video below:


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