Tom Brady Posts Funny April Fools Prank To Facebook

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Well. It was kinda funny. It was too over the top, but points to Tom for participating.

For the Tom Brady apologists of the world, it has been an interesting off-season for the Patriots demigod. After winning his fourth Super Bowl ring, Tom has enjoyed various vacations, and recreational activities that have included things such as cliff diving, and pick-up basketball games with Michael Jordan–that latter coming just this past weekend.

On April 1st, Tom posted a photo of himself to Facebook, donning full-body cast, the caption reading something about Michael Jordan’s crossover being no joke. The full-body cast was “signed” by Michael Jordan.

An obvious April Fools prank, that was too obvious to really freak out the news media. There were just too many April Fools pranks to cover yesterday, and Tom’s was pretty tame compared to the likes of say, Richard Branson.

Sure, there were likely some loyal Patriots fans who were terrified at the first sight of Tom in a hospital bed, and you’d have thought they could put it together… the fact that Tom has on eye-black while in a cast…? But the comments came rolling in, offering humor, jest and a few new captions.

Still, that cliff diving Tom was doing about a month ago? That was no joke, and fans offering commentary on sports sites were none-to-pleased that he was out partaking of such activity. But those fans gotta understand… that’s why Tom is so great. He’s a calculated risk-taker.

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