The Truth About Four Bobbi Kristina Rumors

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What really happened to Bobbi Kristina Brown? We want the truth.

The truth. That’s an interesting word, isn’t it? We live in a post-modern world where truth is relative. That’s a truth. And “your truth” doesn’t equate to “my truth.” Regardless of their being some universal law that we all accept as truth–like gravity–getting to the truth of a story isn’t as easy as it may seem.

Such is the case with Bobbi Kristina Brown. On Thursday morning, New York’s Pix 11 News invited Deputy Editor of Madame Noire, Brandy Victorian, into the studio to shed some light on the actual “truth” of the Bobbi Kristina story.

She addressed four rumors.

Are Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon married?

The answer: No. They are not married. According to Victorian, a legal statement was made stating that the couple were never married.

Were their injury marks on Bobbi Kristina’s body?

The answer: Yes. There were injury marks on Bobbi Kristina’s chest, and bruising around her mouth. The injuries to her chest were seen as the result of CPR, and the attempt to revive the 21 year old. The injuries around her mouth were the catalyst to the criminal investigation naming Nick Gordon as a person of interest.

Is Bobbi Kristina into drugs? 

The answer: It is unconfirmed. Bobbi Kristina has maintained that she is not a drug user, but there are reports from close family friends suggesting otherwise. According to these individuals, family have asked her to enter rehab facilities for drug abuse.

Are the Brown and Houston families fighting over money? 

The answer: Not according to Bobby Brown’s attorney. Reports from all members of the family, both the Brown and Houston sides, are denying these claims. They are suggesting that Bobbi Kristina still has a chance to come out of her coma.

To hear Brandy Victorian’s explanations of these rumors, check out the video below.


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