Suzanne Somers Speaks Out About Terrifying Cancer Misdiagnosis

Helga Esteb /

Suzanne Somers is one interesting lady, and she wants us all to be healthier people.

Back in the day, Suzanne was diagnosed with cancer, and being the tough cookie she is, she beat it. A few years ago, after her house burned down on the Malibu coast, she was forced to rent while planning her replacement home. During that time period she began to feel ill, and went to the doctor to see what was up.

A CT scan came back showing Suzanne’s body riddled with tumors. She just couldn’t buy it. After hearing her diagnosis, she began to sleuth, knowing that her lifestyle was as cancer-fighting as it could possibly be. She began to search through her rental home looking for clues, and in the depths of the residence, she found standing water and the development black mold. The mold had grown into the HVAC ducts, and Suzanne and her husband had been breathing it for months… scratch that, years.

Do a little research on black mold, and it’ll encourage you to move to the desert. The stuff has been the cause of health problems ranging from respiratory infections to mental illness.

Suzanne and her doctors discovered that the mold was the problem, and she was obviously cancer free. Still, she had some healing to do. Now, she’s all about promoting detoxification, and has written her 25th book on the topic. On the top of her list? Coconut oil. As Suzanne puts it, it’s “magical,” and holds the properties to all kinds of health and healing. Seriously. Just consider where coconuts grow.

For more on what Suzanne has to say about achieving optimal health, check out the video below.


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