Suge Knight Arrested For Murder After Hit And Run

Photo by: Darryl Nobles/ABACA

Photo by: Darryl Nobles/ABACA

Man. This guy. He doesn’t quite understand disassociation theory, does he? Maybe he should have followed the lead of Justin Bieber.

On late Thursday night, L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. reported the arrest of Marion “Suge” Knight, after a traffic incident in a parking lot led to the death of a bystander.

According to police reports, Knight was involved at an altercation at a burger joint, and in trying to escape from two people who were trying to draw his blood, he hit two pedestrians–running over them in his truck–and killed one of them. The other victim is reportedly still in the hospital, but no details are known at this time.

Knight wasn’t apprehended by police, rather, he turned himself in.

The founder of Death Row Records is no stranger to the clink. You might say it’s his favorite vacation spot, he spends so much time there. Or, his home away from home. And who would have thought someone naming a company “Death Row” would spend so much time in jail?

The serious matter: Knight is already on probation, and was in trouble with the law most recent as the last BET Awards. It’s pretty much an annual trouble-making soiree for several names in the business, including Suge.

The more serious matter: Knight has been charged with murder due to Thursday night’s incident. Sure, it sounds more like a case of involuntary manslaughter if witness testimonies are true, and Knight was trying to escape a melee.

Just to recap Suge’s last 6 months, in August, he was shot 6 times at a BET Awards party, in November he was taken to court by a paparazzi for stealing her camera–he plead not guilty–and now he will endure an arraignment for murder.

Sadly, this story is the most tragic of his sordid past.

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