Sony Hack Offers Behind-The-Scenes Glimpse at Hollywood

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The hacker group, “The Guardians of Peace,” who are now being considered cyber-terrorists, have leaked a whole lotta Sony Pictures to the world, and the hack had everything to do with Sony’s upcoming release of The Interview, starring James Franco and Seth Rogen.

Yes, people are far too interested in these leaked emails, scripts and gossip. There is nothing surprising in the mix. The two things that have gone viral: an email from Channing Tatum, and an email exchange between Alex Trebek and the producers of Jeopardy!.

Here’s the real shocker regarding Trebek: He’s 74 years old!!! Seventy. Four. Bet you didn’t realize that. And here’s another morsel: He’s been hosting Jeopardy! since he was 44 years old.

Yes, there was a little juice squeezed from the leaked info, but for the most part, it’s just producers talking crap about celebrities, and the revelation that Hollywood is still an “old boys club,” comprised of mostly white men who are paid more than women.

For those of you who are disappointed in the content of the leak, here’s a little Hollywood trivia that you probably weren’t aware of:

Yes, The Interview was produced by Columbia Pictures. Columbia Pictures is owned by Sony Entertainment. The Sony Picture Studios lot is the former lot of the legendary MGM Pictures, where films like The Wizard of Oz were filmed–Stage 27 is where the iconic Munckinland was built. OK, here’s something more current: The studio lot even played stage home to Breaking Bad from 2008-2013.

What’s most disconcerting about this hack is the threat offered by hackers. They’ve referenced events like 9/11/01, and have suggested the hack was just the beginning of a “Christmas gift” for theaters that plan to show the film.

One major theater chain (Carmine Cinemas – 278 theaters) has already bailed on showing The Interview, the New York premier of the film has been cancelled and AMC and Regal Cinemas are currently in the midst of internal discussions as to whether they’re going to show the film.

It’s imagined that Sony executives are probably enjoying a little (or a lot of) Bailey’s in their coffee today.

To see more on the scandal, check out the video below.


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