Simon Cowell Admits Affair, Battle With Depression

s_bukley / Shutterstock.comSimon Cowell is not the heartless wretch he has often played on television. Sure, he can be cold, calculated and cruel, but that’s really part of his shtick. Still, he has had his real life moments of selfish, pompous behavior, and recently admitted his regret when it came to an affair with his friend’s wife–and now his baby momma–Lauren Silverman.

Simon has openly admitted that he regrets that his relationship with Lauren became one of an illicit nature. He considers his actions and behavior inappropriate, and wishes he could change how things were done. Such is a bold statement for anyone, but coming from Simon Cowell…? It’s a relative shocker.

No doubt, there were many factors at play with the development of the affair between Simon and Lauren, ultimately leading to the birth of a child. Both had what they considered unmet needs, and Simon has also confessed that he was suffering from a serious depression before the couple became pregnant. It may not be easy to admire Simon for anything more than his business savvy, but when someone is willing to be honest about their struggles and mistakes, you have to tip your cap. It’s one of the hardest things to do.

Through it all, Simon has stated that though mistakes were  made and he trekked through a dark place, the birth of his son Eric is a reminder that even wonderful things come at your lowest points in life.

Check out the video below to get more details on Simon’s thoughts and battle with depression.

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