Seth Rogen Breaks Down His Extreme Hate For Justin Bieber!

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Justin Bieber doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of fans within the celebrity realm. Add Seth Rogen to that list. He is most certainly not a Belieber, and he held nothing back when discussing The Biebs with Howard Stern.

Unless you listen to Howard Stern, you probably missed Seth Rogen offer his complete, uncensored opinion of the kid everyone loves to hate. That would be Justin Bieber. Seth did not have one kind word to say about the Canadian-born pop-star. Not a single kind word.

Seth explained his disdain with a deeper understanding of why his hate resonates so strongly. He has met Justin Bieber, and they’ve interacted at a couple different events. According to Seth, the first time they met, he was prepared to hate Justin. He didn’t think there was going to be anything likable about the kid. And when he found that his presumption spot-on, he was thrilled to know that it was exponentially worse than what he imagined. That he could hate this guy with delight.

Seth didn’t go so far as to blame Canada for Justin being so hate-able–such reasoning doesn’t hold weight. We know this because we have celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Taylor Kitsch, Rachel McAdams and Evangeline Lily. Canadians are awesome. Justin Bieber is just another example that awful can come from anywhere.

In the interview, Seth went on to refer to Justin through a series of cleverly manipulated expletives, which he used as adjectives and nouns. Maybe Seth’s frustration is rooted in some personal understanding. He realizes that Justin didn’t have to become this colossal tool. Justin could have become a different kind of loathsome, pot-smoking creature, much like Seth’s best buddy, James Franco.

If you wanna hear what Seth had to say, check out the video below.

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