Sarah Palin Publicly Auditioning To Join ‘The View’

Andrew F. Kazmierski /

Sarah Palin is the woman who just won’t go away. Some really enjoy her for the sake of entertainment, but we can never dismiss the fact that so many people were willing to check common sense at the door based on political allegiance, and she was the impetus. Perhaps she doesn’t deserve so much credit, but how is it possible to lap up the political nonsense she spouts on a regular basis?

Now, Sarah Palin wants a piece of daytime television. She has dropped more than a few morsels about The View needing someone like her. In fact, she refers to herself as a representative of the heartland. So. Let’s stop and discuss this for a moment.

Alaska is the heartland? Sorry Governor Palin, maybe we’re all a bit confused. Since when has Alaska represented the heartland? And since when has your skewed view of America been synonymous with the heartland? I’m from the heartland, and subscribe to no political party… like so many others. So, Mrs. Palin–if you are an actual misses–stop ascribing the “heartland” to your vocal minority. The vast majority believe you to be an idiot.

Back on track. Does Sarah stand a chance to score some fat cash doing The View? Magic 8-Ball says: Not Very Likely. She can campaign all she wants. She’ll soon find that it’ll just be another loss that she can chalk onto her record.

To get the lowdown on Sarah’s potential to take a seat on The View, check out the video below. Try not to shake your head while watching it–seriously, just try.


James Sheldon