Sam Smith Talks Being A Role Model And Coming Out Of The Closet

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Sam Smith has become a singing sensation at only 22 years, taking the whole world by storm with his amazing talent and heartfelt hits like “Stay With Me.”

Although he is in very high demand as one of the most popular singers right now, he took the time to sit down with Ellen DeGeneres on Monday December 1, where the two talked about everything from his American Music Award to his sexuality.

Smith said that although he never hid the fact he was gay – he said he told people when he was four and his mom knew when he was three – he did publicly announce it before his debut album “In The Lonely Hour” was released.

Ellen commented that it could have been a “catastrophe” and “overshadow” the release of the album but he explained his decision to announce his sexuality was so that people knew who he really was.

“I kind of felt like I just had to mention it before I released my record, just so people knew who it was about. And it felt like a brave thing to do, as well I wanted to do it before because if I did it afterwards people probably would have thought I was lying just to sell records, which wasn’t the case” he told Ellen.

Smith also focused on the fact that first and foremost his career is based on talent and the fact he is a singer and songwriter, not the fact that he is gay, and although people say he ‘doesn’t want to be a spokesperson for the gay community’, he has a great response.

“I do, of course I do, but I want to be a spokesperson for everyone. Ya know straight people, gay people, bisexual. I don’t want to be limited.”

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