Sam Smith Responds To Howard Stern Diss

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Howard Stern called Sam Smith fat and ugly. That’s not very nice.

Ah, Sam Smith. No worries. You’re the “IT” guy, and Howard is the shock jock who still has to say mean things to score more press for his show. You’re nominated for everything at the Grammy Awards, and Howard will just be commenting on them the following day.

Howard Stern is half cool dude, and half douche. And he knows it. And he’s made millions because of it. His candor is appreciated, but people who try to argue truth based on conjecture are simply cumbersome at a certain point. And that’s where we can file Howard. Still, in all fairness, he’s great on America’s Got Talent.

So, what exactly happened here? Howard was rolling through his SiriusXM banter when he ventured into the territory of Sam Smith, and that’s when called Sam fat and ugly. But he also suggested that he really liked Sam Smith, and he loved that he was chubby and gay. Yes, we can all presume that Howard went on to say that it’s nice to see a gay person who doesn’t look like they walked right out of the gym, and a bunch of other inappropriate, borderline offensive stuff, but that’s what Howard does.

And we’re still surprised by it. That’s what’s eye-rolling about the whole incident. Sam Smith took to Twitter to state, “Can’t believe what I’ve just read.” Really, Sam? I think we can all believe it. Because it’s Howard Stern.

Listen to Howard bash Sam in the video below:


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