Ryan Gosling Gets Text During Interview, Has Hilarious Reaction

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

There are probably a lot of people texting Ryan Gosling. He’s a huge movie star and a new dad — but what happens when his phone goes off in the middle of an interiew?

Promoting his new directorial debut The Lost River with a reporter from The Telegraph, the 34 year-old had to apologize when his phone made a loud sound.

“Oh my God,” Ryan said, embarrassed. “I’m sorry about that.”

But what he did next might surprise you — check out the video to see Ryan’s hilarious reaction!

“It happens,” the reporter said, unruffled. “Is it an important one? I always check.”

“I’m ashamed,” Ryan continued.

The reporter asked Ryan if he has a rule about phones when he’s on set. Ryan responded that he would “just go nuts” and take his “shirt off and start swinging” in response to phone interruptions.

Um, what? First, that’s weird, but second, if we now know a sure-fire way to get Ryan Gosling to take his shirt off, we owe it to ourselves to make sure this is tested. You know, for the public good.

Ryan also addressed sweatpants-gate — the now-infamous interview in which his baby mama Eva Mendes joked that you should never wear sweatpants because they cause divorce. Watch the video for more!


Amanda Young