Ryan Edwards Tears Up In Teen Mom OG Reunion Sneak Peek

Source: MTV

Source: MTV

Source: MTV

Over the many seasons of Teen Mom OG, fans have come to depend on and expect quite a few things.

For example: We’ve come to expect Farrah Abraham to bring the drama and be almost unbelievably unreasonable, for Catelynn and Tyler to have us rooting for their love, for Maci to have the most adorable family, for Amber to keep us questioning her strange decisions, and for Ryan Edwards to give the most monotone and emotionless responses to absolutely everyone.

Well, those days are over, on one account at least as in a sneak peek for part two of the Teen Mom OG reunion special, fans will see Ryan Edwards not only show emotion but actually tear up when Dr. Drew asks him about the major fight he had with his dad, Larry, this season.

Dr. Drew first brings out Ryan’s girlfriend MacKenzie Standifer to ask her about the situation, and she says, “I don’t wanna go there. … Either way, family is family, and whether you fight or whether you don’t, in the end when you have nobody, all you have is your family. And their relationship is fine now, and he’s always gonna be his dad.” She added, “One day, he just woke up and was like, ‘I need to apologize to my dad.'”

When Dr. Drew asked Ryan what brought him to that decision, Edwards instantly became overwhelmed with emotion while trying to explain, “I mean, I felt bad for Mom too, and I didn’t wanna be mad at Dad.” His emotional response had not only him, but also his mom, Jen, and Maci and Dr. Drew getting a little teary-eyed as well.

Check out the video below: