Rumer Willis Covers Taylor Swift’s ‘Out Of The Woods’

Helga Esteb /

Entertainers Rumer Willis and Payson Lewis got together to do a little cover of a Taylor Swift song, and there’s just one thing I want to know…

“Are we out of the woods, yet, are we out of the woods, yet,  are we out of the woods, yet, are we out of the woods?”

Well. I dunno. Take a look around, and see for yourself. Are you out of the woods? Are you in the clear? Friday digression. Apologies. But you’re about to be singing that song for the rest of the day if you continue toward the bottom of this post.

Is it a good cover? Yes. It’s a good cover… if you like Taylor Swift, and you like when people do covers that aren’t that different than the original song. And if you really love when singers emote as if they’re “feeling” the song and music, you’ll think it’s awesome.

So, what else.

Oh. At 3:37 in the video below, you’ll enjoy the real magic. A quick cut to the dude on electric bass, really feeling the jam. Like. Really. The only people who rival him in the video are the backup singers, who either think Taylor Swift is the greatest lyricist of all time, or they found a sweet stash of magic mushrooms on the set.

Silliness aside, yes, Rumer Willis can sing. And so can Payson Lewis. Dude can sing, and he’s totally in love with his arms. Who can blame him? (Does anyone else think he looks like a young, blonde-haired Anderson Cooper?)

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for! The well-produced video cover of Taylor Swift’s Out Of The Woods.


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