Robin Williams Wife And Children Clash Over Estate

Debby Wong /

It is true, there are a few misunderstandings that need to be ironed out.

The news media has portrayed the awarding of the late Robin Williams’ estate as being an ugly, ongoing affair between family members. That’s simply not the case.

Still, there are disagreements. Robin’s estate was in order at the time of his death, and he offered certain properties and certain belongings to certain people. His wife, Susan, was awarded the home in Tiburon, CA, including all of its contents, with the exception of all personal belongings that were jewelry, clothing, personal photos from the time period before his marriage to Susan in 2012 and collected awards and memorabilia. These are to go to his children.

Therein lies the disagreement, based on misunderstanding. According to Susan’s attorney, she simply wants help from a legal arbitrator to determine what qualifies as jewelry and memorabilia. Considering one example, Susan doesn’t believe Robin’s watches are jewelry, and his children do.

There are other items he collected throughout his life that Susan is struggling to part with, and in all likelihood the judge in the proceedings is going to explain that these things are to go to his children. It’s just a tough scenario when so much emotion is involved.

According to the papers filed in court, the Williams children used the term “heartbroken” regarding Susan’s withholding of certain items she has termed “knick-knacks” when the children feel they are most certainly collected memorabilia. Deep down, the kids may be concerned that Susan would sell these items, but that’s mere speculation.

Whatever the case, Susan’s attorney has suggested that whatever the judge has to say will be respected, and received without contest.


James Sheldon