Robin Williams’ Family Agree To Mediation In Estate Battle

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It seems the widow and children of the late comedian Robin Williams are trying to settle their legal dispute peacefully after agreeing to go to mediation.

On Monday March 30, attorneys for Williams’ widow Susan and his three children, Zachary, Zelda and Cody faced off in a San Francisco court after the family had  been arguing over the contents of his estate, but have agreed to try to settle in private mediation before getting the courts further involved.

According to People magazine, Susan and the three children can not agree over who can claim specific items from Robin and Susan’s Tiburon, California home where the actor was found dead last August.

According to his will, his children were given clothing, jewelry, and photos taken before he married Susan, as well as other important items such as awards and memorabilia, however Susan claims she has the right to some of the items.

After the hearing in which it was agreed that the two sides would meet informally to pick up some items and to have a private mediation before the end of April, Zelda Williams spoke out on Tumblr. “My brothers and I have not at any point since dad’s death been invited or visited his and Susan’s house in Tiburon, nor have we removed anything from it.”

Meanwhile, Jim Wagstaffe, Susan’s attorney stated, “I think we can have all the undisputed items picked up in the next two weeks. We could probably do it as early as today,” as well as claiming, “a large percentage of these items are not disputed.”

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