Robin Thicke Ripped Apart During Twitter Q&A

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Robin Thicke is not a desired commodity. Well, OK… Sure, he’s desired by many girls 20 years his junior, and the desired drink buyer for fellow “I really wish I weren’t a bachelor” types. Sadly, his star didn’t possess the slow-burning fuel of the sun. He imploded, and became a black hole. He’s now offering a gravitational pull strong enough to attract the collective ire of the Internet World Wide Web Onliners.

My, my, how fast a year flies. Blurred Lines was the song a year ago. People bumping the blatant Marvin Gaye rip-off (don’t spit that sample stuff here) from their rides, and enjoying the moral decay that is Robin’s music. (OK, that’s a bit harsh.) And yet, he got a pass. Robin was enjoying wild success. He was more than the son of Alan Thicke.

Then, Robin twerked with Miley. Do a deal with the devil, and you can expect you’ll soon be done. Every time she bent over in front of him, he thought it was something pseudo-sexual, when, in fact, Miley was simply bending over to dig his grave.

Robin figured this fast, but he couldn’t keep his hands off the hindquarters of adoring fans. Soon thereafter, he was bidding a bittersweet adieu to his one true love, the incomparable Paula Patton.

If this seems a bitter solo tirade, and you’re ready to defend Robin from this faceless writer, hold your horses. It’s merely a continuation of the Twitter jabs Robin had to endure when VH1 asked for a little love from fans. Robin quickly found that he has as many foes as he does fans.

There are some definite zingers in the mix, and you can see a few of the best ones in the video below!

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