Robin Thicke, Paula Patton Are Separating!

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In a move that will shock the entertainment world, actress Paula Patton and glorified karaoke artist, Robin Thicke, are calling their relationship quits. The two have called the separation a mutual agreement, but let’s consider the truth of the statement.

Mutual? Please. Robin has gone from Alan Thicke’s son with some legit musical talent to douche in less than a year. Let’s start with his hit song “Blurred Lines,” and his belief that the song was some product of his own imagination and creativity. He built the foundation of his “hit” by biting one of the greatest funk/soul jams of all time: Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up.”

“Blurred Lines” was such a clever title for the song, considering that someone is allowed to sell millions of copies and dollars of something in the realm of “arts and entertainment,” when obviously relying on someone else’s art. When confronted about this issue, of course Robin and his PR team danced around it. Forget that noise. “Got To Give It Up” > “Blurred Lines,” and then some. Could Robin have avoided some douche by offering pure admiration for Marvin Gaye? Absolutely.

Robin then went on from douche to Super Douche with his asinine behavior at the VMAs. We all remember this: Miley… the tongue… the grindage… the faux-twerking. Sheer super douche baggery. And on the backside of it, Paula supported him–said she had no problem with it. Well, we all had our doubts, didn’t we? The sincere sadness in all of this is that the couple shares a child, and have been together for over 20 years. It’s understandable that Robin wants to ride the wave of success, but how many times does he think he’s gonna catch lightning in a bottle.

At some point, logic has to draw a line, and perhaps his performance at the VMAs was the seed of doubt. Or, maybe it is the photo that you can see in the video below, where Robin has a handful of strange a**? Haven’t seen it? Check it out for yourself.


James Sheldon