Rachel Bilson Admits To Doing “All The Drugs And Alcohol”

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Rachel Bilson lives a pretty mellow life — but she didn’t in the past!

The 32 year-old Hart of Dixie star dished about her history with drug and alcohol use, which all happened before she shot to stardom on The O.C., which premiered in 2003.

In an interview with Health magazine, Rachel explained, “I grew up in Los Angeles, and I did all that when I was younger. I went to all the clubs and did all the drugs and the alcohol. I got it out of my system, so by the time I was on The O.C., I was like, ‘Wow, I can just enjoy this.'”

Although she’s clearly past her wild child days, it’s still surprising to hear an actress be so open and honest about drug and alcohol use.

She also said that dating her O.C. co-star Adam Brody helped her stay out of trouble, too, since they spent so much time just hanging out at home. Check out the video to see more details about that romance, which ended several years ago.

Now, Adam is married to Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester, while Rachel has been with fellow actor Hayden Christensen for seven years. “He’s so incredibly supportive and considerate,” she gushed. “It’s so basic-that should be there. Because these things are so much more important when you’re older.”

She added, “We’ve grown up together in a way.”

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