Prosecutors Asking That Suge Knight’s Bail Be Set At $25 Million

Photo by: Darryl Nobles/ABACA

Photo by: Darryl Nobles/ABACA

Former Death Row Records co-founder and rap mogul Suge Knight, 49, has led a life of crime, a life that is now causing prosecutors in his current case to argue he is a “prolific and unrepentant criminal” and are asking his bail be set at an incredible $25 million.

To justify her claims of his “shameless life of crime” prosecutor Cynthia J. Barnes filed extensive paperwork laying out 295 pages detailing all of Knight’s run-ins with the law including “robberies, extortion, money laundering, assaults, witness intimidation and battery.”

Knight is scheduled to appear in court on Friday March 20 where Barnes will outline her argument for the massive bond in the case where he is accused of intentionally hitting and running over Terry Carter, and is charged with murder, attempted murder and two counts of hit-and-run.

The prosecutor claims that Knight was angry when he entered the Tam’s Burger parking lot where he ran over Carter due to an issue he had on the set of “Straight Outta Compton” due to his likeness being used.

Knight is claiming that he did not mean to hit Carter and was simply trying to flee a violent attack himself claiming that men, including Carter, were swarming his truck, threatening him and telling him they had guns.

To make matters worse for Knight, the violent incident occurred while he was out on bail for another crime, robbery, which supports Barnes’s case for such a high bail amount.

“Not only did he disregard the constraints of bail, he escalated his criminal behavior to murder and attempted murder. Knight’s extensive history of violence, both in this case and over the last 30 years, clearly demonstrates that he is physically incapable of stopping his violent criminal behavior,” she further argued via the LA Times.

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