Pregnant Emily Blunt Saved Meryl Streep From Fall On-Set

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That Emily Blunt. She must have struggled to get out of character from Edge of Tomorrow, to get into character for Disney’s production of Into The Woods.

Emily stopped by to chat with David Letterman on the most boring talk show in the business, and she offered the story to the politely applauding crowd. According to Emily, Meryl was supposed to jump up onto a table while wearing a cape, but she became tangled with her costume and began to fall to the concrete floor.

Nobody else rushed in to save the day, so it left Emily, who was pregnant at the time, to step in and catch the falling Oscar goddess before she crashed to the floor below. And no bones about it, Emily said of Meryl, “She owes me!”

That she does, Emily. She owes you a reminder that you scored that incredible payday for doing the movie because Meryl joined the cast, and the budget increased exponentially. So. Shall we say… paid in full? Into The Woods is poised to make bank this holiday season, so, surely everyone will consider themselves even.

For Meryl, it wouldn’t have been her first injury. She famously did press for Hope Springs in 2012, wearing bandages on her hand after having a little “oops” with a kitchen knife. Yowza. And for Emily, maybe this is her appeasement to the cinema gods for crashing a car while shooting Edge of Tomorrow and busting up Tom Cruise?

To see more on the incident, as well as hear another perspective on how it all went down, check out the video below.


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