Pharrell Williams: “Why Am I Crying On Oprah?”

Joe Seer /

Pharrell Williams sat down with Oprah recently to discuss all things — everything from personal to professional — and if there’s one thing that happens when you sit down with Oprah, it’s tears. Lots of tears.

If you haven’t seen this short video, you’ll definitely want to check it out below. It’s taken from the one-on-one Oprah did with Pharrell Williams, where he chronicled his rise to fame and reiterated how much he loves what he does. As we’re all aware, he’s also very good at what he does.

Yeah, maybe the hat helped over the past year… maybe it was the collaboration with Daft Punk, and then of course, there’s that song about being so happy that there was no other word appropriate for use as the song title other than… Happy. It was so happy it scored an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song, appearing in Despicable Me 2 and it also appears on Pharrell’s 2013 album, Girl.

Oprah shared a montage of several YouTube clips from around the world — a bunch of people getting happy. Upon viewing this in the presence of Oprah, Pharrell got so happy that his biological fountains engaged and he was soon reliant on a tissue from Oprah’s pocket. That’s the way it goes.

It is quite touching, and it’s inspiring to see an artist, who many don’t realize is 41 years old, speaking about how much he enjoys his success, while remaining capable of being moved to tears because of appreciation. Check out the video to see Pharrell’s humorous reaction to his own waterworks.


James Sheldon