Pharrell Empties Pockets, Flirts With Reporter On Red Carpet

Joe Seer /

Need to interview Pharrell Williams? Be prepared for some shenanigans!

In a red carpet interview for The Voice, the 41 year-old singer and coach couldn’t seem to focus on a reporter’s questions because he was too busy being mesmerized by her eyes.

“I love watching you and watching all the feedback you’re giving to your contestants,” said Clevver Music’s Dana Ward. “What’s going through your mind when your team is up on stage?”

“Who is this woman and how is her brown eyes, like, beamin’ in like tigers’ eyes? That’s what I’m thinking,” he responded. Of course, Dana’s eyes only got bigger at this comment.

“I like you. This is a gentleman,” she said with a grin. “I’m a reporter. This is serious.”

“Empty your pockets,” Pharrell said in a strange continuation of mimicking her eyes and their laser power. If it seems strange, it was — check out the video to see the odd red carpet interaction!

Eventually, Pharrell did answer some of Dana’s questions about The Voice, which has narrowed its field down to the top 10 singers.

“This is their moment, not mine,” he said of the team of singers he’s coaching. “I’m just there to support them and be sure that I musically frame their ambitions as best as I can.”

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC.


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